Slim & Sassy Sunday - Post Birthday Week

WOW! It's really late for me to be posting but I don't want to miss a week. Since this past week was my birthday I did indulge a little more than normal. I enjoyed some ice cream cake my husband got me and some strawberry cupcakes my mom made. We also went out for lunch to celebrate my birthday with the family but I did pretty good. I split a sandwich with my mom so I only ate half the portion, which I'm sure is actually a normal sized portion. HA!

I also realized that for me weekends are the hardest to stay on track. During the work week it's really quite simple to stick with my eating plan because I have structure to my day. The weekends are hard because Joe wants to make breakfast or we end up going out somewhere. I have gotten better at looking online before we go out so I can pick something reasonable which I know helps. I do find I eat more than I feel I need to when Joe's ready to make a big breakfast or eat dinner when I'm not really hungry. I have decided that I need to pay more attention to how hungry or not hungry I am and go from there instead of just mindlessly eating because it's time to eat.

Another thing I know that played a role in this week was the fact I have been battling this sinus cold/infection thing. I feel pretty good overall but I have this crazy congestion that makes it hard to breathe and as of this weekend has made my ears feel stuffy. I've had a pretty sore throat all weekend which is no fun but more of a pain than anything else.

Honey lemon water to try and beat this sore throat.

Overall, I'm ready to start a new week and try to work out more. I am excited to try my new Power Yoga DVD that my husband got me for my birthday. I also got a Fitbit for my birthday which you'll learn more about during Wellness Wednesday so be sure to come back and check that out.

Ready for more Rodney Yee!

So, to finish off today I did manage to maintain my weight. No change this week which I guess it pretty good considering the mad quantities of cake I ate. I can definitely accept that since I know that the goal is long term health and not a quick crash diet. Balance in all things right?

How are things going for you? Have you had to fight of a cold/flu? I have heard from so many people that they or someone they know has gotten really sick lately so I'm grateful I've been able to contain what I have and still function. If you've got any home remedies for a sore throat I'd be open to hearing them. :)


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