Family Friday - Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi everyone. My birthday was actually yesterday but since I just celebrated my special day I wanted to talk about birthday traditions.

In my family growing up we always got to pick the restaurant we'd want to eat at and then my mom would make us a cake or pie from scratch! Now that we've grown up sometimes we just get dessert at the restaurant or sometimes my mom will pick up a pie from Village Inn. Yeah, it's not that my mom doesn't want to make some tasty dessert from scratch but we're all older now and it's not as big of a deal. Plus my mom watches Russell when Joe and I are working so it's not like she's got tons of time after she's been chasing a 2 year old around. :)

Today I want to know what are your families birthday traditions? Do you do something special for everyone or just the kids? Are you all on board for big birthday parties filled with hand made goodies and special activities or would you rather hit up your local kid games/pizza type place?

I'm always curious what other people to do celebrate birthday's for themselves and their kids. It's so easy to fall into the trap of 'what you see online is reality for everyone else' and then suddenly think you're a bad mom because you didn't hand make 50 invitations, bake a cake from scratch, and make special party favors for all 50 kids AND their parents! HA HA HA! Oh yeah and if you don't have a darling theme party you're definitely failing... OY! No wonder people feel depressed. Keeping up with the Jones' just got harder when you can see all the amazing things they're doing on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed...

So today tell me what does your family do for birthdays and how do you feel about birthdays? Do you feel pressure to do more than you'd like to for your kids because "everyone else is doing it" or do you brush off the pressure and do your own thing? How do you balance having a good time without spoiling your kids? Share any ideas you have! I can't wait to hear


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