Bookmark To Blog - January Keyword Challenge Review

Hi friends! If you didn't see my post about joining this wonderful Monthly Keyword Challenge hosted by my best friend Kim over at Bookmark To Blog check out my initial post and let's get connected on Goodreads.

January's key words I could pick from were: angel, secret, clock, black, day, and wild.

I went through tons of searches and looked at books friends had recommended but I couldn't break out of my typical self help/business genre. I decided I would read...

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job

Yep, another business book but since I'm a manager at work and haven't had a ton of experience in this role I love to try and learn more about how I can be more effective and supportive of the people who I have hired. That being said here's what I think about this book...
Quitter, for me, seemed like common sense knowledge but I also realize I have been toying with the idea of my dream job for a long time. I've read a ton of books, I've brainstormed ideas, talked through concepts, and looked at all my options. Anyway, for me some of the concepts were not new but that was ok. 
Overall Quitter was an easy read. It's pretty conversational in tone and I made it through the book in the few spare moments I'd have in the evenings before going to bed. It's not complicated like some business type books and I would imagine it could be a great book for those just now starting to toy with the idea of making your dream job a reality. One reason I think this book would be a good starter for those looking to pursue your dream is it tells you more than once NOT to quit your day job just because you have a dream or just because you actually made $1,000 over the last 3 months. Seriously, nothing will kill your dream more than realizing you aren't making enough money to pay your bills and suddenly you're getting foreclosed on, you can't buy food, your spouse hates you, and you're not really working on your dream because you've gotten desperate and just take anything that will pay you even if it conflicts with your values and goals.
The one part I found particularly useful actually came towards the front of the book. In chapter 2 Removing The "I'm" From Your "But" there was a section that Acuff talks about your hinge moment. He defines that as a moment that "occurs when you are planning to do something standard and normal, something you've done many times before, like turn a key in the ignition. And then seemingly out of nowhere, something, a small detail usually, hinges you in a different direction. A chance encounter at the grocery store, a stranger's random comment, one line in an article you read pushes you to a place you were not expecting to go." He suggested 5 questions to help you to figure out your hinge moments:
  1. What do I love enough to do for free?
  2. What do I do that causes time to feel differently?
  3. What do I enjoy doing regardless of the opinions of other people?
  4. If only your life changed, would that be enough?
  5. Are there any patterns in the things you like doing?
If you want to know more about these questions you should pick up a copy of the book. You can buy it through the link above which takes you to Amazon or you can borrow a copy from the library. I plan to run through those questions myself to see how my dream measures up.
So, in the end I would give Quitter 3.5 stars. I would rate it this because it's an easy read and accessible and has a good mix of talking to you and questions for you to think of on your own. On the flip side, for me, it was almost too easy of a read and the concepts were not new. I think for a newby to business books it would be much better. If you had time to roll through an easy read I would still say to do it because you probably will find at least a few nuggets worth taking away.
If you're participating in this challenge be sure to stop by Kim's blog and link up your review. Feel free to also leave a link to your review in the comments so I can see what you're reading!

February's key words include: her, life, night, red, dark, and island. What do you think I should read for February? Any books you recommend with one of these words in the title? I better pick something fast so I can get reading.


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