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Family Friday - Family Redefined

The other day I was rolling through my FB feed and saw an article written by a NICU nurse to a NICU mom. I read it and the article that inspired it written by a NICU mom to NICU nurses. As I read the articles I couldn't help but tear up because I could totally relate to so much in each article.

As you prepare to have a baby you never take time to think about what it would be like to be rushed into an operating room for an emergency c-section only to have your baby whisked away before you even saw him/her (yep I didn't know what I was having until I heard the nurses referring to my baby as a "he" and at that point I just assumed I had a baby boy). Between child birthing classes and prenatal visits you don't mentally prepare yourself to see your baby for a whole 20-30 seconds covered in tubes/wires/machines before he's taken to another hospital because they are the one place in the state with the treatment your baby needs to be given a fighting chance to live a…

Wellness Wednesday - Chakra Love

Welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday. Today I wanted to see if anyone else has done any sort of chakra work. I was actually talking to another friend about using doTERRA oils and she mentioned she was learning more about chakras and had done a quick online test to find out which of her chakras were open and which needed work. Now I don't know if this test is totally legit but here were my results:

In thinking about my results it makes sense to me. I feel like most pieces of my life are pretty well balanced. Overall I feel things are going well and that I am making progress towards my goals however it makes sense to me that my root chakra and crown chakra are the ones that need the most work right now. Nothing like not having a stable foundation and intellectualizing things too often to keep you from really digging in and making some lasting progress on your goals.

I feel that so many things in my life are really going pretty well that it's time to look at fine tuning eve…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Late Update

Hello everyone! Whew, a late update but I did want to stop by and leave a quick update. Today was super busy for us as a family. Joe ran out to do the grocery shopping this morning while I hung out with our little man, put him down for a nap, and got ready. We were able to go visit my best friend and see her sweet new little baby. Oh my goodness! He is just the cutest and sweetest little guy. You totally forget just how little they are when you've got a toddler but luckily for us Russell was well behaved and I got to enjoy some sweet tiny baby goodness.

After we got back we went over to my Mom and Dad's house because it was a beautiful afternoon and we figured we'd let Russell run around in the backyard for a bit before we had dinner. Russell loved being outside and didn't want to go in even though it was getting cold once the sun started to set. He's totally energized by being outside and loves running around and picking up sticks and rocks.

This week the things I…

Saturday's Supper - Tempeh Shepherdess Pie

Lately Joe and I have been branching out into different types of food. We've tried gluten free options as well as vegan or vegetarian dishes. Why? Really because we enjoy expanding our options and trying new things.

A little while back we decided to try a recipe out of my new vegan cookbook Joe got me for Christmas. It's called Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook and the recipe we tried was the Tempeh Shepherdess Pie. Now to be honest, we have never tried tempeh and had no idea what we were getting into but we are open minded and for Joe as long as it's not beans he'll usually humor me and give it a whirl if I make the effort to put something together. (FYI if you google Tempeh you'll probably be afraid of what you're about to try but throw caution to the wind and just make it with the tempeh. You'll be fine.)

Finding the tempeh actually did require us to go to a Whole Foods to find it but that's ok. We rarely shop there so it's sometimes fun …

Family Friday - Crafters Paradise

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has been great and that you have some good plans for the weekend. Today I want to give you a little peek into who I am. I always hope that in sharing my life you can find something that resonates with you and makes you happy that you took the time to read through my blog posts. The other reason I share about me is that I know this blog is something that Russell can look at later in life and really see who I am right now.

For me one of the things I look forward to doing on the weekends is crafting. I've always been a crafty person. I remember asking for arts and craft kits ever since I was young. Some of my favorite memories are of making crafts with my mom or with friends. I remember having a friend of my mom's that would let me come over and we'd play with stamps. I remember she had the special embossing powders and I thought it was so cool! I crafted in church, I took sewing in school, and I have kept on crafting as I've grown…

Wellness Wednesday - Our doTERRA Story

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday! Today I wanted to dig in and share our doTERRA story. To give you a little background on how we came to be a part of doTERRA you must know that I used to sell Mary Kay. Yep, I was one of those crazy pink ladies (though I never did earn a car or anything like that). I actually really love the product I just got burned out on what it took to try and build a business. It was the perfect thing for me when I was in my early 20's but now that I'm in my 30's I was looking for something a little different. Actually, if I'm being honest, I wasn't looking for anything at all. I have a job I like, co-workers who are amazing, and make enough to support our family for right now.

doTERRA actually found me when I was having a serious problem with my sinuses. I posted the picture below on my Instagram and my old Mary Kay director (Aimee) sent me a message and asked me if she could stop by and share some oils she'd been using. I figured si…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Getting on Track

WOW. What a difference a week can make. I didn't lose a ton over last week but I did lose some which is great. I was actually worried because this week was Valentine's Day so I knew I would be indulging in more treats than I normally do. My Mom actually made us some cute heart shaped sugar cookies and some chocolate covered strawberries which were delightful.

I also bought Joe a box of chocolate truffles from V Chocolates which has been wonderful but definitely additional calories I wouldn't normally be consuming.

One thing I am learning through this weight loss journey is that I need to be mindful of what I'm eating. That doesn't mean I cut out everything I love in life. That means I really do eat things in moderation. I try my hardest to take the time to savor my meal and really enjoy the flavors we've put together. It's taking the time to taste things and know that if it's not wonderful or isn't meeting my body's needs I can feel ok in passin…

Saturday's Supper - Cauliflower Couscous

Can I tell you how excited I am to be bringing back Saturday's Supper? Seriously! I am excited for this. I LOVE to cook and I LOVE to share what I'm cooking. Oh yes, I bake from scratch, I can make my own bread, I can blend up my own sauces, make up my own recipes, and so much more. Food is so important to me not only because it's what helps fuel your body and mind but also because it's one of the ways I personally show love. I think there is nothing more fantastic than sitting down at the dinner table with those who are important with you to enjoy something wonderful you have prepared with your own hands. AH feel those hippie peace and love vibes... :)

Anyway, before I lose you thinking that these segments will be all fluff and no filler here we go. I actually want to share a recipe I found in Grain Brain. My husband actually asked for this book for Christmas and since I'm all for him trying to better his (and by that I mean our) health I ordered it. He's read…

Family Friday - Baby Mac Update

Happy Valentine's Day! I couldn't imagine a better way to share some love than to update everyone on our sweet Baby Mac. Yeah, he's not really a baby but I get it now when parents say their kids will always be their baby. That and he's still my little man for now. :)

Longtime readers of my blog will know that he went through quite a bit when he was born. If you don't know his story feel free to take a look back through our Baby Mac posts and see my little guy and his epic cuteness! Holy cow I love him!

If you don't have time to read through all my old posts here are a couple pics I just love I couldn't resist sharing.

Even better than looking back is looking at him now. He's such a character. Full of laughter and love. He enjoys trying new things, is curious about everything, and you can tell he's always thinking. He still doesn't talk, though he does babble, so we are working with a speech therapist to help him develop his language skills. They…

Wellness Wednesday - Fitbit Flex

Happy Wednesday everyone. I have a new toy to share and I'm super excited. I know this isn't new but it's new to me and so far it's been great. One of the gifts I got for my birthday from my husband is the Fitbit Flex. I'm going to share my top three favorite things about the Fitbit and who else should consider getting one too. First check out how it looks:

I have really small wrists. Always have and probably always will and it doesn't overwhelm. I haven't had a watch in forever so the first time I put it on it did take a little getting used to but after that I almost don't notice it. I still notice it if I'm doing something that uses my hands/wrists a lot like putting away laundry or working out but I'm sure that will decrease as I get used to it. It seems to fit snugly and doesn't seem like it will come off so I'm hopeful I won't have to worry about losing it. I know another person at my work who has one and he hasn't had any i…

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Post Birthday Week

WOW! It's really late for me to be posting but I don't want to miss a week. Since this past week was my birthday I did indulge a little more than normal. I enjoyed some ice cream cake my husband got me and some strawberry cupcakes my mom made. We also went out for lunch to celebrate my birthday with the family but I did pretty good. I split a sandwich with my mom so I only ate half the portion, which I'm sure is actually a normal sized portion. HA!

I also realized that for me weekends are the hardest to stay on track. During the work week it's really quite simple to stick with my eating plan because I have structure to my day. The weekends are hard because Joe wants to make breakfast or we end up going out somewhere. I have gotten better at looking online before we go out so I can pick something reasonable which I know helps. I do find I eat more than I feel I need to when Joe's ready to make a big breakfast or eat dinner when I'm not really hungry. I have deci…

Bringing Saturday's Supper Back!

Good Saturday morning everyone! For long time followers of my blog, you know I used to do a feature called Saturday's Supper where I'd share something new I'd tried or a recipe that's a staple in our house. Before I get back to our weekly postings I wanted to ask you if there are any recipes or types of food you'd like to see reviewed here.

Typically what we eat is simple, easy to make while watching a 2 year old, and good enough to have leftovers for lunches the next day. We try to eat mostly whole foods and buy local when we can. We have voyaged into gluten free and vegan recipes lately too. I LOVE cooking and have a pretty reasonable recipe book collection as well as using All Recipes or Pinterest when I'm looking for new ideas.

Some of the foods I've been interested in trying lately include:
IndianMediterraneanVegan/VegetarianGluten FreeBaking from scratchHealthy/low fat substitutesHealthy desserts/treats  If you have any foods you're curious about …

Family Friday - Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi everyone. My birthday was actually yesterday but since I just celebrated my special day I wanted to talk about birthday traditions.

In my family growing up we always got to pick the restaurant we'd want to eat at and then my mom would make us a cake or pie from scratch! Now that we've grown up sometimes we just get dessert at the restaurant or sometimes my mom will pick up a pie from Village Inn. Yeah, it's not that my mom doesn't want to make some tasty dessert from scratch but we're all older now and it's not as big of a deal. Plus my mom watches Russell when Joe and I are working so it's not like she's got tons of time after she's been chasing a 2 year old around. :)

Today I want to know what are your families birthday traditions? Do you do something special for everyone or just the kids? Are you all on board for big birthday parties filled with hand made goodies and special activities or would you rather hit up your local kid games/pizza type…

Wellness Wednesday - Be Well

Welcome to another Wellness Wednesday. Today I wanted to talk about what "Be Well" means to me. I also want to find out from you what wellness topics you would be interested in learning more about.

First, Be Well is something that is a state of being. It's where you are right now. It's knowing that you can choose to be healthy today no matter what you face in your life. It's doing the things you need to do in your life even if they are hard or unpopular. It's living your life fully and in a way that makes you feel like a whole person.

For me this means choosing to eat healthy even when I have all the options in the world to eat things that aren't good for me. It means exercising in a way that leaves me feeling good while also giving me the benefits of strength and flexibility. It means constantly working towards the things that make me happy and that will support my family in the long run. It means knowing that I am the best me I can be at any given point…

Bookmark To Blog - January Keyword Challenge Review

Hi friends! If you didn't see my post about joining this wonderful Monthly Keyword Challenge hosted by my best friend Kim over at Bookmark To Blog check out my initial post and let's get connected on Goodreads.

January's key words I could pick from were: angel, secret, clock, black, day, and wild.

I went through tons of searches and looked at books friends had recommended but I couldn't break out of my typical self help/business genre. I decided I would read...

Quitter: Closing the Gap Between Your Day Job & Your Dream Job

Yep, another business book but since I'm a manager at work and haven't had a ton of experience in this role I love to try and learn more about how I can be more effective and supportive of the people who I have hired. That being said here's what I think about this book...
Quitter, for me, seemed like common sense knowledge but I also realize I have been toying with the idea of my dream job for a long time. I've read a ton of books, …

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Making Progress

WHEW! Can I say I am really glad to see that after last weeks steady weight on the scale I am so pleased that this week I did lose some weight. I think I would have passed out if I stepped on the scale and saw a steady weight or a weight gain for another week in a row. In my head I know that weight can fluctuate and that sometimes regardless of what you do you'll hold steady but since I've just started this weight loss journey I would have been really sad to plateau so soon.

Today I'm going to share the three things I've done this week to help me stay on track!

The first thing I did was keep track of my food in the Lose It! app which has been great at keeping me honest. I have also tried a bunch of new recipes like cauliflower couscous, deli-style chickpea salad, and a spinach quiche with a gluten free crust. I am most excited about the cauliflower couscous because it is really yummy and so much less calories than rice or potatoes. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE rice, …