Wellness Wednesday - Blue Panda Yoga

Hi everyone! Today for Wellness Wednesday I wanted to share one of my favorite things. YOGA! I am so serious. I love it! I am totally blissed out when I'm doing yoga. I love to work on balance, flexibility, and strength all at once. It's one place where I can let the rest of the world go and just focus on breathing, moving through the poses, and being the best I can be.

If you've never tried yoga and you are in the Salt Lake valley you should join me at Blue Panda Yoga. Led by my longtime friend Tara, you'll feel welcome from moment one. I love working with Tara because her style is casual yet knowledgeable. I never feel bad asking if the pose I'm doing is right or asking for a modification if my body can't handle something we're doing. We can laugh at the sometimes silly poses one minute then slip deep into a stretch in perfect silence. For me, it's awesome!

Now, I know yoga isn't for everyone and every yoga teacher is different. Tara teaches out of her home which may be too casual for some but I appreciate that I can come as I am and not feel intimidated by rock hard bodies and teachers that make you feel like they're divine and you're weak. Tara explains things simply and doesn't only use yogi speak that no one but trained yoga teachers understand. I have seen her work with others to modify poses and even when people have needed to stop for a break there is never any judgement or criticism from her or anyone else in the class.

I would personally love to invite you to join me and get your yoga on. Come find your zen and enjoy a little time to take care of you. The class I take is about 2 hours long and based around restorative but we often branch into kundalini and slow flow depending on how everyone is feeling that day. I know 2 hours sounds like a crazy long time but I have never felt like I was willing the class to end. Most days we are winding down and I feel like I could go another hour and not even mind.  Her classes are small (limited to about 4-5 people max) so you can really receive great personal attention if you have any questions.

The best thing about Tara's classes is that your first time is free. Yep. FREE! If you are curious but don't want to commit you can easily come once, see if it works for you, and then come back again or call it a learning experience and move on. She has mats available so you don't even need to bring anything. You should dress in something comfortable that you can move and stretch in that won't fall over your head if you're upside down in a down dog pose.

If you're interested in checking out Blue Panda Yoga please let me know. I'm always happy to bring a new friend to share in something I love so much. If yoga isn't your thing that's ok. Feel free to stop by and LIKE Tara's Facebook page or share it with your friends so we can help her build her business. I completely support small/local businesses so if you're in Salt Lake join me! Namaste!

Do you have a favorite work out? For the parents out there, what do you do to stay active and healthy? Do you have any suggestions on how to work out with little kids? Share your active lifestyle secrets with me in the comments below!


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