Slim & Sassy Sunday

I've decided that for the duration of the Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Competition I'm going to make Sunday my Slim & Sassy update day. I'll share if I've lost or gained weight and things I've done during the week that have contributed to the weight loss/gains. (This way, if you're not into my personal updates on my weight loss journey you can tune out on Sundays until mid April.) :)

For those of you who are tuning in we have just finished week one! Technically week one started mid week on the 15th so I took advantage of not dieting until the 15th. The first part of my week was pretty much all the "do not eat this when you're dieting" stuff. I figured I'd get the jalapeno poppers, tasty desserts, and giant portions out of the way now so I could put them on hold as soon as the 15th hit. HA HA HA!

This week I have focused on tracking my food in my Lose It! app on my phone. By tracking what I eat I know I have to be accountable to the friends I have who are also tracking their meals. These friends are great because I see them most days at work and they check up on me to make sure I'm tracking my food too. These are the accountability pals you want to have. Don't try and partner up with your skinny spouse who can eat donuts and cake all day and night and not gain a pound, unless of course they are going to stop eating those dang donuts in front of you all the time. HA! You need to find someone with similar goals as you and stay in touch. Find someone you spend a lot of time with because then it's hard to avoid them if you're having a bad day. Yep, you can cheat on your diet but you better be willing to own up to it and move on.

Another thing I did this week was up my water intake. I start out with a full glass of water first thing in the morning before I leave the house. It's pretty easy because I take my vitamins and generally am somewhat thirsty when I wake up anyway. Sometimes I have almost two glasses of water before I've left the house which is a great start to the day for me. From there I do still have my coffee (I love my coffee!) and my Trim Shake which takes me through until lunch. I have another full glass of water, sometimes two, during lunch and then I make sure to drink at least one more full glass of water during the afternoon before I leave work. To help me with water through the day I put 3 drops of Slim & Sassy oil and 3 drops of Wild Orange oil in my water each time I refill. It not only helps the water taste good but it also helps to keep me cleansed and feeling good.  

My big fail of the week was when we went to Zupas to grab a quick lunch. I picked the Turkey, Spinach, and Artichoke figuring hey it's turkey and veggies. It's a little carbs but hey it's ok right. WRONG! NEVER assume because it's a salad or it's chicken that it's good for you. In order to learn from my mistake I looked at the description again and I realized the sandwich has a three cheese artichoke spread AND a pesto spread. If I had thought about it carefully I would have realized that this wasn't the best option for me. These days all the extra toppings and dressings restaurants put on your food add up and fast. You can end up consuming far more calories/fat than you expected if you're not careful. Take the extra step to look online before you go out to eat. Make an educated decision and stick with it. I recommend going in with a back up too in case for any reason they are out of what your first choice is. That way you don't get discouraged in the moment and eat something that's really not good for you.

To recap, three things you too can do this week are:
  1. Get some accountability and fast! Having people who are also watching what they're eating can be helpful when you're faced with the decision to have that piece of cake or stick to the yogurt you brought instead.
  2. Drink water! Lots of water and when you think you've drank enough, drink some more. So many people are walking around seriously dehydrated. I have no scientific proof for this but I have talked to enough people at work that I realize I drink far more water than most.
  3. Check yourself before you wreck your whole day... Seriously who knew a turkey, spinach, and artichoke panini would be so much worse than most things on the menu I would have picked otherwise.
One thing I do want to say before this challenge moves too far along is that no one is perfect. Sometimes you just want that dang piece of cake or ice cream bar and that's ok. I try to remind myself that every day is a new day and if I mess up that's no excuse to throw a whole day or week out the window. Have your cake and then move on. Get back on track, drink more water, or get out and get a workout in to make up for the cake. It's ok! Unless you're crash dieting for some reason (which you shouldn't) remember that this is a lifestyle change, not some sort of starvation boot camp. It's all about balance in all things. A little dessert once in a while will not hurt you. A big dessert every day will seriously derail your weight loss goals. I'm in this for the long haul to be healthy, strong, and a good example for my son. Looking good is bonus but being healthy so I can take care of my little man is what keeps me going every day.

** UPDATE ** I realized when I posted this I didn't include my weight loss/gain for this week. Sheesh! My starting weight (post holiday gluttony) was 162. My week 1 weigh in was 158.6! 3.4 pounds down towards my goal of 140 at the end of the competition. Sorry for not remembering to share this in my initial post.

Did any of your new year's resolutions include weight loss or exercise? What are you doing every day to help you achieve your goals?


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