Family Friday - Traditions

If you've made it through the week and found yourself here with me on Friday I want to say THANKS! It means so much that anyone would be interested in following along with my personal journey to be the best me I can be. Yep. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. I firmly believe that every day is a gift and that every person has choices on how they spend their days and with each passing day you either get closer to living your dream life or you allow yourself to fall further away from your ideal situation. (P.S. There is no standing still! You're either moving forward or sliding backwards... It's up to you where you end up in the end.)

Today I wanted to introduce another new feature you'll see each week. It's Family Friday! To me finding balance in life includes enjoying the time I have with my family. Today I wanted to talk about traditions. This conversation came up back in December at my work holiday party. One of my co-workers started asking about what each of our favorite Christmas traditions were since she didn't have any from her childhood. She now has kids that are getting to the age where they can appreciate traditions so she wanted to start some with her family.

My favorite Christmas tradition is being allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. Maybe you've done this before too but it was always the same present. A pair of PJ's that you'd wear to bed that night and get to enjoy the next morning while opening presents. Now that I have a family I realize the bonus in this Christmas Eve gift. The kids think it's fun and you get to guarantee the kids aren't wearing their shabby falling apart PJ's from last year when you're taking all the family pictures the next day. HA! Awesome! To this day I still LOVE this tradition and know this is one I'll for sure be doing with our family as Russell grows up.

My other favorite tradition our family does is on your birthday you get to pick where you want to eat for dinner and what treat you want after dinner. Growing up it seemed like we only went out to eat for birthday dinners. My mom is a stay at home mom who took care of us and always had a delightful meal on the table for dinner so when we got to go out to eat it was always a treat. It still strikes me as funny that for the longest time we always knew what my brother was picking for his birthday. His birthday is in October and happened to fall at the same time as the endless ribs at Tony Roma's. We always went there until they finally closed the last Tony Roma's in Utah. Now we tend to end up at other steakhouses for his birthday but it's still such a good memory to think about.

The other half of your birthday treat is picking what dessert you want. Now sometimes we just order something at the restaurant or pick up a pie from Village Inn but growing up my mom would make you a special cake or pie and we'd blow out candles and open presents once we got home from dinner. I still love this tradition and think it's a great way to make a birthday special, especially if you don't go out to eat a lot.

It's your turn now! What are your favorite family traditions? Do you do something special for holidays, birthdays, births, anniversaries, random days? I'm always on the hunt for new traditions to start with my family so please share your favorites!


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