Friday, January 31, 2014

Family Friday - What Do You Do?

TGIF! Welcome to Family Friday! Today I want to talk to you about what you do with your kids, specifically kids around 2-3 years old. Our little guy turned 2 in August and sometimes I feel like the worst mom ever when I don't have a plethora of hand crafted games and activities designed to increase his knowledge to the level of a 1st grader by the time he's 3.

Ok, so that's a little of an exaggeration but I do have a little mommy blogger PTSD. It's easy to hop into the blogsphere and find dozens of mommy blogs that share all the things you could, no SHOULD, be doing with your child at every stage of their life to ensure they will be college ready by the 3rd grade. Well, maybe some don't go quite that far but I find it very discouraging to see so many moms who not only have time to create and engage their children in such amazing learning opportunities but they also miraculously have time to keep the house clean, keep their husband happy, and write a blog! All while somehow raising 3-6 children under 10... Whatever their secret is, I want to know!

I have one child and am lucky to have a clean house let alone ensure my son is participating in activities geared towards learning. Sometimes I think that's a bad thing and other times I think it shouldn't matter. I mean really, is it bad if he's not speaking 2 different languages by the time he enters Kindergarten? Have I failed as a mother if he can't recite the alphabet, name all the colors and shapes, AND write out his first and last name, phone number, and address all by the time he's 5? I totally understand the importance of reading to children and helping them learn and grow but what ever happened to letting kids be kids? Maybe I just need to say who cares and carry on.

What I want to ask everyone else out there is what do you do with really young children at home? I know once kids are older you can do crafts, cooking, science projects, and so many more cool things (and believe me, by that point I may become one of those crazy mommy bloggers with a million great ideas AND a clean house) but for now I always  feel at a loss with my son. We play with blocks and cars and look at books. We talk to Russell and talk with him around so he can hear us having a conversation. We do let him watch TV but then we talk about the same things from the show in books and other activities. (He loves sharks and can identify them all over the place now.) When it's warmer out we let him run around outside or at the park. He loves to play in Grandma's garden and backyard and we do play in his tiny pool too. I guess right now with winter here and the air quality bad enough to kill someone I am running out of ideas.

So, if you're a parent of small children or have had small children in your life I want to know the secret. What do you do with them when the weather is terrible outside and you don't have tons of time to make games/toys for your child? Also, do you feel kids should be kids or do you think the younger years need to be taken advantage of to teach them all we can now? No judgement either way. I'm always curious what others think and are doing. I would even love to know what do you do as a parent to find balance in your life? How do you fit time for yourself and your interests in while still being present for your child and/or your spouse? Share your secrets everyone! Let's help each other find some fun things to do with younger kids at home.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wellness Wednesday - Blue Panda Yoga

Hi everyone! Today for Wellness Wednesday I wanted to share one of my favorite things. YOGA! I am so serious. I love it! I am totally blissed out when I'm doing yoga. I love to work on balance, flexibility, and strength all at once. It's one place where I can let the rest of the world go and just focus on breathing, moving through the poses, and being the best I can be.

If you've never tried yoga and you are in the Salt Lake valley you should join me at Blue Panda Yoga. Led by my longtime friend Tara, you'll feel welcome from moment one. I love working with Tara because her style is casual yet knowledgeable. I never feel bad asking if the pose I'm doing is right or asking for a modification if my body can't handle something we're doing. We can laugh at the sometimes silly poses one minute then slip deep into a stretch in perfect silence. For me, it's awesome!

Now, I know yoga isn't for everyone and every yoga teacher is different. Tara teaches out of her home which may be too casual for some but I appreciate that I can come as I am and not feel intimidated by rock hard bodies and teachers that make you feel like they're divine and you're weak. Tara explains things simply and doesn't only use yogi speak that no one but trained yoga teachers understand. I have seen her work with others to modify poses and even when people have needed to stop for a break there is never any judgement or criticism from her or anyone else in the class.

I would personally love to invite you to join me and get your yoga on. Come find your zen and enjoy a little time to take care of you. The class I take is about 2 hours long and based around restorative but we often branch into kundalini and slow flow depending on how everyone is feeling that day. I know 2 hours sounds like a crazy long time but I have never felt like I was willing the class to end. Most days we are winding down and I feel like I could go another hour and not even mind.  Her classes are small (limited to about 4-5 people max) so you can really receive great personal attention if you have any questions.

The best thing about Tara's classes is that your first time is free. Yep. FREE! If you are curious but don't want to commit you can easily come once, see if it works for you, and then come back again or call it a learning experience and move on. She has mats available so you don't even need to bring anything. You should dress in something comfortable that you can move and stretch in that won't fall over your head if you're upside down in a down dog pose.

If you're interested in checking out Blue Panda Yoga please let me know. I'm always happy to bring a new friend to share in something I love so much. If yoga isn't your thing that's ok. Feel free to stop by and LIKE Tara's Facebook page or share it with your friends so we can help her build her business. I completely support small/local businesses so if you're in Salt Lake join me! Namaste!

Do you have a favorite work out? For the parents out there, what do you do to stay active and healthy? Do you have any suggestions on how to work out with little kids? Share your active lifestyle secrets with me in the comments below!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slim & Sassy Sunday - Steady as She Goes...

Hello! Today I want to share with you my thoughts around holding steady or even *gasp* gaining weight when you're doing your best to lose it. I'll offer 3 suggestions to sticking with your health and wellness goals I'll be implementing next week to see if they make a difference and maybe they'll help you too.

Earlier today I woke up and hopped on the scale. I always weigh in on Sunday morning because it's a day I can consistently guarantee I won't be too busy rushing out the door to run errands or go to work. I actually ate quite a bit yesterday including a yummy sushi lunch and a baked potato bar (shared with Joe and one of my oldest friends Kim) for dinner. I knew that the baked potato would probably be pretty heavy but we'd already planned on this since last month so I didn't want to be a party pooper and eat only salad.

When I stepped onto the scale I hoped that I'd have lost at least a little bit because I am eating well under what I used to but alas the scale blinked it's revelation that I weighed in at 158.8. Technically 0.2 more than my weigh in last week. Seriously... GRR... Stupid scale. Of course I had to step off and try again in case it was somehow lying but it wasn't. Oh well...

I think many of us when we're trying so hard, passing on the goodies in the office, and eating smaller portions or picking something on the "lite" menu it can feel so discouraging to see that we've stayed the same or even gained a little weight. In an effort to not feel like I should blow this whole diet and go out for ice cream here are 3 things I'm going to do this week to keep working towards my health and wellness goals and we'll see how it goes.
  1. Don't blame myself. I am the queen of shouldering the blame and making myself feel bad. In the arena of weight loss I know that sometimes, despite my best efforts, I can't control everything. Especially in women you hear how hormone fluctuations and retaining water can impact your weight. I know this is true for me. There are some times I can hop on the scale and see huge gains and a week later be well below where I was. I know that perhaps it is just the heavy eating from yesterday or maybe hormones so for now I'm not going to blame myself. I'm going to keep pushing forward and see where this journey takes me. I won't give up!
  2. Drink more water. I have had quite a bit of drama this week at work and I think it's impacted how much water I was taking in this week. Perhaps that's contributing to my body holding on to so much water or maybe my food was salty yesterday and is sticking around now. I know when I drink a lot of water it helps how I feel and I feel less bloated. I'm going to keep putting Slim & Sassy and Lemon oil in my water and focus on taking down at least 3 glasses of water during the day. (I always have 1 to 1.5 glasses in the morning and another 1-2 at night so it's just during the day I need to focus on.)
  3. Get moving! This week I was able to make it to yoga one day which was awesome. I LOVE yoga so much! It's one of my favorite things to do because I can tone, build flexibility, and work up a sweat all in one low impact workout. If you haven't tried yoga I highly recommend it. (Check out this FREE 30 day yoga challenge if you want a little taste of what yoga can do for you.) This week I'm going to try and get up early 3 times this week and do my yoga videos. I always think I'll do them when I get home but by then I'm starving, we have to put Russell down, and then it's late and I want to go to bed. I'm going to suck it up and set my alarm early a few days and get down for a early morning workout before I get ready. I'm hoping this will help me better manage stress during the day and feel energized instead of just tired and sluggish all day.
Maybe this week was a fluke or maybe I didn't do as good of a job at tracking my food as I thought I did. Either way I'm not giving up. Long term health and wellness are far more important to me than a diet. I will find balance in my eating and exercise habits and I know that will make a difference in the long run.

Do you have any tips when you fall off the wagon or hit a plateau? Do you have any favorite workout DVD's or YouTube videos you enjoy? Share your tips for success if you've managed to lose weight and keep it off. (Especially if you've had kids.)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Family Friday - Traditions

If you've made it through the week and found yourself here with me on Friday I want to say THANKS! It means so much that anyone would be interested in following along with my personal journey to be the best me I can be. Yep. Cheesy, I know, but it's true. I firmly believe that every day is a gift and that every person has choices on how they spend their days and with each passing day you either get closer to living your dream life or you allow yourself to fall further away from your ideal situation. (P.S. There is no standing still! You're either moving forward or sliding backwards... It's up to you where you end up in the end.)

Today I wanted to introduce another new feature you'll see each week. It's Family Friday! To me finding balance in life includes enjoying the time I have with my family. Today I wanted to talk about traditions. This conversation came up back in December at my work holiday party. One of my co-workers started asking about what each of our favorite Christmas traditions were since she didn't have any from her childhood. She now has kids that are getting to the age where they can appreciate traditions so she wanted to start some with her family.

My favorite Christmas tradition is being allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. Maybe you've done this before too but it was always the same present. A pair of PJ's that you'd wear to bed that night and get to enjoy the next morning while opening presents. Now that I have a family I realize the bonus in this Christmas Eve gift. The kids think it's fun and you get to guarantee the kids aren't wearing their shabby falling apart PJ's from last year when you're taking all the family pictures the next day. HA! Awesome! To this day I still LOVE this tradition and know this is one I'll for sure be doing with our family as Russell grows up.

My other favorite tradition our family does is on your birthday you get to pick where you want to eat for dinner and what treat you want after dinner. Growing up it seemed like we only went out to eat for birthday dinners. My mom is a stay at home mom who took care of us and always had a delightful meal on the table for dinner so when we got to go out to eat it was always a treat. It still strikes me as funny that for the longest time we always knew what my brother was picking for his birthday. His birthday is in October and happened to fall at the same time as the endless ribs at Tony Roma's. We always went there until they finally closed the last Tony Roma's in Utah. Now we tend to end up at other steakhouses for his birthday but it's still such a good memory to think about.

The other half of your birthday treat is picking what dessert you want. Now sometimes we just order something at the restaurant or pick up a pie from Village Inn but growing up my mom would make you a special cake or pie and we'd blow out candles and open presents once we got home from dinner. I still love this tradition and think it's a great way to make a birthday special, especially if you don't go out to eat a lot.

It's your turn now! What are your favorite family traditions? Do you do something special for holidays, birthdays, births, anniversaries, random days? I'm always on the hunt for new traditions to start with my family so please share your favorites!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wellness Wednesday - EO Spotlight on Wild Orange

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Wellness Wednesday. I plan to share something I have found that is helping me live well and live balanced every Wednesday. Today I wanted to share one of my new favorite essential oils Wild Orange.

Cold-pressed from the orange peel, Wild Orange is excellent for energizing and revitalizing. It is also commonly used as an effective tool for uplifting mood, as well as for its wonderful citrus aroma.

My favorite ways to enjoy Wild Orange are:
  • Add three drops to my diffuser and let it run to freshen stale winter air and lift everyone's mood.
  • Add three drops along with three drops of Slim & Sassy to my water to encourage me to drink more water and because it tastes great.
  • Add some to my capsule of Digest Zen in the evening to help elevate my mood and keep me happy.

Tips from dōTERRA:
  • Diffuse to help uplift mood and energy levels.
  • Use in a moisturizing and exfoliating sugar scrub. Click here to learn how you can make your own.
  • Use in your favorite food dishes! Wild Orange is excellent in protein shakes, chocolate chip cookies, smoothies, and much more.
  • Use in an all-purpose spray to help cleanse your counters.
  • Add a drop to your water for a burst of flavor.

You can check out the entire Wild Orange spotlight on the dōTERRA blog here. I also found this delightful looking recipe for Honey Glazed Ham that uses Wild Orange oil. I definitely need to get some cinnamon and clove oil so I can make this soon. YUM!

Check back every Wednesday for a new Wellness Wednesday spotlight on the things that I love.

Do you use essential oils in your daily life? If so, have you tried Wild Orange? Share your tips on how you use oils or Wild Orange so I can learn something new too!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slim & Sassy Sunday

I've decided that for the duration of the Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Competition I'm going to make Sunday my Slim & Sassy update day. I'll share if I've lost or gained weight and things I've done during the week that have contributed to the weight loss/gains. (This way, if you're not into my personal updates on my weight loss journey you can tune out on Sundays until mid April.) :)

For those of you who are tuning in we have just finished week one! Technically week one started mid week on the 15th so I took advantage of not dieting until the 15th. The first part of my week was pretty much all the "do not eat this when you're dieting" stuff. I figured I'd get the jalapeno poppers, tasty desserts, and giant portions out of the way now so I could put them on hold as soon as the 15th hit. HA HA HA!

This week I have focused on tracking my food in my Lose It! app on my phone. By tracking what I eat I know I have to be accountable to the friends I have who are also tracking their meals. These friends are great because I see them most days at work and they check up on me to make sure I'm tracking my food too. These are the accountability pals you want to have. Don't try and partner up with your skinny spouse who can eat donuts and cake all day and night and not gain a pound, unless of course they are going to stop eating those dang donuts in front of you all the time. HA! You need to find someone with similar goals as you and stay in touch. Find someone you spend a lot of time with because then it's hard to avoid them if you're having a bad day. Yep, you can cheat on your diet but you better be willing to own up to it and move on.

Another thing I did this week was up my water intake. I start out with a full glass of water first thing in the morning before I leave the house. It's pretty easy because I take my vitamins and generally am somewhat thirsty when I wake up anyway. Sometimes I have almost two glasses of water before I've left the house which is a great start to the day for me. From there I do still have my coffee (I love my coffee!) and my Trim Shake which takes me through until lunch. I have another full glass of water, sometimes two, during lunch and then I make sure to drink at least one more full glass of water during the afternoon before I leave work. To help me with water through the day I put 3 drops of Slim & Sassy oil and 3 drops of Wild Orange oil in my water each time I refill. It not only helps the water taste good but it also helps to keep me cleansed and feeling good.  

My big fail of the week was when we went to Zupas to grab a quick lunch. I picked the Turkey, Spinach, and Artichoke figuring hey it's turkey and veggies. It's a little carbs but hey it's ok right. WRONG! NEVER assume because it's a salad or it's chicken that it's good for you. In order to learn from my mistake I looked at the description again and I realized the sandwich has a three cheese artichoke spread AND a pesto spread. If I had thought about it carefully I would have realized that this wasn't the best option for me. These days all the extra toppings and dressings restaurants put on your food add up and fast. You can end up consuming far more calories/fat than you expected if you're not careful. Take the extra step to look online before you go out to eat. Make an educated decision and stick with it. I recommend going in with a back up too in case for any reason they are out of what your first choice is. That way you don't get discouraged in the moment and eat something that's really not good for you.

To recap, three things you too can do this week are:
  1. Get some accountability and fast! Having people who are also watching what they're eating can be helpful when you're faced with the decision to have that piece of cake or stick to the yogurt you brought instead.
  2. Drink water! Lots of water and when you think you've drank enough, drink some more. So many people are walking around seriously dehydrated. I have no scientific proof for this but I have talked to enough people at work that I realize I drink far more water than most.
  3. Check yourself before you wreck your whole day... Seriously who knew a turkey, spinach, and artichoke panini would be so much worse than most things on the menu I would have picked otherwise.
One thing I do want to say before this challenge moves too far along is that no one is perfect. Sometimes you just want that dang piece of cake or ice cream bar and that's ok. I try to remind myself that every day is a new day and if I mess up that's no excuse to throw a whole day or week out the window. Have your cake and then move on. Get back on track, drink more water, or get out and get a workout in to make up for the cake. It's ok! Unless you're crash dieting for some reason (which you shouldn't) remember that this is a lifestyle change, not some sort of starvation boot camp. It's all about balance in all things. A little dessert once in a while will not hurt you. A big dessert every day will seriously derail your weight loss goals. I'm in this for the long haul to be healthy, strong, and a good example for my son. Looking good is bonus but being healthy so I can take care of my little man is what keeps me going every day.

** UPDATE ** I realized when I posted this I didn't include my weight loss/gain for this week. Sheesh! My starting weight (post holiday gluttony) was 162. My week 1 weigh in was 158.6! 3.4 pounds down towards my goal of 140 at the end of the competition. Sorry for not remembering to share this in my initial post.

Did any of your new year's resolutions include weight loss or exercise? What are you doing every day to help you achieve your goals?

Monday, January 13, 2014

Slim & Sassy

Holy cow! I just signed up to be a part of the doTERRA Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition. Now if you know me, you know I am NOT competitive. I almost always would rather someone else win. I like being on a team and helping others. Winning is just not that important to me and the older I get the less I like being the center of attention. Yeah, I enjoy the thrill of victory and it's not like I would be sad if I won something it's just not a driving force for me so to sign up for something like this is definitely outside of my comfort zone.

This year has been pulling me towards creating big changes in order to better balance my life and I am running forward to give it all I've got. I figure what have I got to lose? (20+ pounds - yuck) I do find that I do better with accountability for things like this so having signed up will help me stay on track. I also have been tracking what I eat (using the Lose It! app for iPhone - if you're using it let me know so we can connect!) with a group of girls at work so I know that will help me stick to making the right food choices during the day. It's all about that positive peer pressure.

So in case you're wondering this challenge entails using at least 3 doTERRA products, which I already do, and making the necessary changes in your life to lose weight. I'll be responsible for tracking my weight throughout the competition that goes from January 15 to April 15. My BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to lose 22 pounds during this time frame. Yep, it's a lot. More than I've lost in YEARS but it wouldn't be a challenge if we didn't get real here. (Succeeding would take me from 162 to 140. Yep shiz just got real!) This is what I shared when I registered for the contest:
My goals now include losing 22 pounds and getting in shape. The pounds don't bother me as much as how I look. I can hide it under clothes so most people probably don't realize how much I have to lose but it's there. My post baby body is out of shape, it's lost most of it's muscle tone, and hurts most of the time. I am ready to get into a regular workout routine of exercising 3-4 times a week. I want to eat better including at least one vegan day during the week. I also want to be able to complete simple tasks like going up a normal flight of stairs without being winded and sweating. Some days it's the little things I know will make the biggest difference.
I am in the process of creating my goals based on the Fitness Guide they provide so I'll be sharing my notes over the next few days. And, in case you want to know what the sweet Grand Prize I could win here it is:
Grand Prize:

• $1,500 USD
• Roundtrip domestic airfare to Salt Lake City, UT for one*
• 2 night stay at the Grand America in Salt Lake City, Utah
• Spa treatments for one
• Professional photo shoot
• Professional makeover, hair consultation, and styling
• One outfit for photo shoot
• 1 month supply of Slim & Sassy products
• 500 product points
• 2 Convention Tickets (Does not include airfare, accommodation, or meals)
Ok, so airfare to SLC doesn't exactly do much for me since I live 30 minutes outside of SLC but it's the rest of the package that would be so awesome to win! Hey I would be happy to win any of the prizes actually. 

So, wish me luck, say a prayer, light a candle, rub a Buddha, whatever divine or not so divine power you can call upon to help me stay strong and avoid that 3:00 p.m. sugar craving would be oh so helpful. In 2 days it starts! Back off cake, cookies, and ice cream! Your delightful tasty powers have nothing on me. I'm a woman on a mission!!! I will be fit, healthy, and happy!

If you're interested in joining me on this part of my journey and want to see if the Slim & Sassy products can help you too comment below or email me at macmoto.doterra (at) gmail (dot) com. You can still enter the contest through 11:59 p.m. MST on January 15, 2014. I'd even help you take and upload your before photos if you don't have a good digital camera. It's going to be big!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Find Balance

It came to mind today that even when someone is considered an expert that doesn't mean they're perfect. Doctors and lawyers who spend years in school, pass rigorous testing, and then compete for top jobs still call what they do their "practice". These are people that know more about the human body or our justice system than most people and even they can make mistakes. All the knowledge you can work to acquire doesn't mean you'll always have the right answer at the right time.

I find that I am a crazy perfectionist. I like everything to have it's place, things should be consistent, things should be done well and I tend to want to just do everything myself because I know I will pay attention to things that other people may miss. On the flip side, I know that I can't do it all myself and sometimes perfect isn't best. There's a quote floating around in my office:
"Don't let perfect be the enemy of good."
- Voltaire
It's a little reminder to me that sometimes you can reach the point of good enough. Not everything needs to be perfect. My house doesn't have to be sparkling clean when my son wants to play. The laundry doesn't need to be put away right now when my husband wants to sit and enjoy some time together after dinner. Just because I make a mistake or overlook some detail doesn't mean I'm a terrible person or a failure.

All of this leads back to my word for the year. Balance. To me you have to work to find the balance between perfect and good enough. Sometimes you want to strive for perfection (your resume/cover letter when you're applying for that ideal job might be one place to aim for perfection) and sometimes you just want to know that it's good enough (cleaning house, it's just never going to be totally done so why sweat it).

I'm committing to myself this year to stop shouldering the blame for everything, to stop beating myself up over things that could have been, and to let go of things in the past. My life is what it is at this point and time and I know that now all I have is today and the future. I can't change a single thing in the past but I can change how I think about the future and how I react to situations now. I don't have to be perfect because I can be good enough.

I may not be the perfect wife but I'll love my husband, show him respect, and work to treat him how I would want to be treated every day.

I may not be the perfect mom but I'll love my son with all my heart, I'll do my best to protect him from dangerous situations, and work to keep him safe and teach him the things he needs to know to be a compassionate, happy, and successful individual one day.

I may not make a six figure income (yet), I don't have the perfect body, and I sometimes make mistakes but I will work to be someone who makes peoples lives better for being a part of it. I hope that as we all journey through this year that no matter what ups and downs we encounter we can learn to be a little more gentle with ourselves knowing that this life is a gift and a place to learn and grow. It's not all about perfection and who wins first place. It's about looking back and having no regrets. Making each day count and being kind to those around you. Let's lift each other up and help each other to succeed. Together we can find balance and enjoy whatever amount of our lives we have left to live.

If you had it all to do over again, what would you change from your past? Now, thinking about that, what can you do NOW to change your future. How can you let go of regret so you can move forward to be the best you today? Can you think of something in your life that is better today because of your past? Share in the comments if you'd like.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Be Well in 2014

Hello friends! I am excited to be back in the blogsphere sharing the things that are going on in my part of the world. If you haven't noticed, or are new to the blog, I wanted to share that I'm taking a new focus for the content. I've been thinking for a long time now about what I want to do with my life. I kept coming back to ideas around words and phrases like wellness, health, fitness, helping others, being your best, and happiness. I actually came across a couple notes and old journal entries as I was cleaning and realized that I have been thinking about these things for quite some time now. I think the oldest notes I could date went back about 5-6 years.

To me seeing that time frame was a moment of disappointment and excitement. Part of me was disappointed that I hadn't acted on those thoughts and desires a long time ago. All the things I'd envisioned for myself could probably have been realized by now if I had just gone to work and stuck to it. It was also shocking to think that in that time frame my life and the life of my family could be in a totally different place now.

On the bright side, I looked at finding these notes and seeing that my inner most desires have been and still are the same as a good thing. I realized that no matter how much I tried to hide from taking that next step forward and giving something a try it was clear that my heart would keep bringing up these themes in my life until I finally took action. I guess at some point you've got to realize the stuff you love is the stuff you love if you do something about it or not. :)

In the final months of 2013 after going through a ton of stress at work (hiring people, watching people go, hiring new people, training people, and trying to get things in order) I kept encountering the word balance. I felt drawn to the idea that 2014 for me was going to be a year of getting my life in balance. I also found myself being drawn to more opportunities that were holistic and health focused. I reconnected with an old friend I hadn't seen in years and started taking a weekly yoga class with her as she completed her yoga teacher training. I reconnected with my old Mary Kay director who had moved on to a new and interesting opportunity with doTERRA and decided I was in. (More on my doTERRA story later.) I finally took the time in the last weeks of 2013 to let go and really enjoy my time with my family. I turned off my work email and just focused on having fun, eating well, and enjoying those I love the most.

Now I find myself in 2014 and I feel ready. Ready to step into new challenges. Ready to face my fears and see if I can become someone who is something more than ordinary. I want to be more than the 9-5 grind. I want more for my family and for myself. I want to finally stop saying "one day" and make that day TODAY.


I know this probably sounds very ra-ra let's get jazzed about the new year and set some goals we'll forget about come February 1 but I'm not going to let that be me. I have set goals (I'll share those with you soon too) and I'm going to achieve them. I'm going to focus on myself and what I can do to provide an abundant and healthy life for my family. I am finally going to stop dreaming and work to make my life's dreams a reality.

If you're excited and ready for change in 2014 I hope you'll join me here. Come back to learn more about how I'm changing my life and if you're interested you can join me and change yours too. I promise it won't be too ra-ra let's all drink the kool-aid type stuff. We're going to get real and get healthy for once and keep it that way. Let's all live well and be well in 2014. Who's with me?!?

If you're ready to take the next step share some of your goals or hopes and dreams for 2014. Do you have a key word for 2014 that seems to be calling your name. Share it if you do! I'm always interested to see what others themes for the year are.