Four Fabulous Finds

I decided I wanted to share Four Fabulous Finds I've come across lately. Each month I plan to share Four Fabulous Finds that could be places to eat, things I've bought, places I've been to or anything else Fabulous. This month they are websites/blogs that I have been visiting quite often. I highly recommend you check some of these delightful pages out:

My standby for good posts is Her Sunday. My best friend since back in the day, she writes about food, family, her home, her garden, crafts, fashion, travel and books. If you enjoy DIY's you'll love her blog. I even ventured to create my own Halloween Wreath from a DIY she posted which turned out great. You can also follow her fabulous sister site Bookmark to Blog if you're really into books. If you're an avid reader I suggest you join her 2013 Nerdy Non-Fiction Reading Challenge.

If you've been following my blog lately you know I've also found Fat Mum Slim. An Australian based blog that provides some fun Photo a Day Challenges for you to enjoy. Chantelle blogs about her life, recipes and other fun things. I enjoy her writing style especially when I see some fun words you know aren't typically used in the US. HE HE HE.

From the Fat Mum Slim blog I found We Heart Life. I love this blog because it's so positive and fun. Carly has a variety of contributors which makes the different posts interesting. Plus if you enjoy one persons style over another you can always follow their individual blog or search for their posts. The best part is, if you follow them on social media or comment on their blog they WILL respond. I am always amazed that some people try to be social but don't respond to their fan's/followers. Since they were so responsive I decided to participate in their I Heart My Body 2012 campaign. It's all about learning to love your body no matter what which I feel is a huge issue for girls these days. It's fun to read about how others see themselves and know we all share similar issues no matter how big, small, short, tall, pear shaped, hourglass shaped, etc. that we all are.

A recent find that is totally fabulous is Deliciously Organic. Carrie's blog focuses on recipes using organic, unprocessed ingredients. I came across her blog when I saw her post for Homemade Coffee Creamer. I've been thinking there has GOT to be a better way to flavor my coffee in the morning and I'm excited to try some of these recipes. YUM! If you're looking to make some healthy changes I suggestion you bookmark her site and give some of her recipes a try.

Do you have any standby blogs you check when you're in the mood for some great content? Do you have any fabulous finds you'd like to recommend?


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