Adventures in Food - So. Jo. Yo!

Holla at my hommies who live on this end of the world. Yeah that's right. For some people who live downtown South Jordan is the other end of the world but I love it. It's close to the family and it's been good to us so far. Anywho... My picks for food this week are both in South Jordan and both right across the street from each other. YES! Nothing like quick and easy.

Russell checking stuff out. The place was empty when we got there as you can see. It's a cute place just really small.

My first pick for a fabulous food adventure is Saffron Valley. You can read my Yelp review HERE. I love Indian/Himalayan food and this place will not disappoint. They have a lunch buffet that is available every day from 11-3 so if you've never tried Indian food I suggest you give that a try first to see what you like and don't like. Some of the food had a little spicy kick and others were very mild. They have a variety of vegetarian and meat dishes along with some tasty sauces you can try.

Some of my amazing coworkers at our cooking class with Lavanya. Such a blast and great food!

As mentioned in my review you can check out their cooking classes in case you want to learn to make some of these delightful foods at home. I'm definitely thinking this would make for a fun girls night out! Lavanya also shares many of her fabulous recipes online too in case you can't get out for a cooking class. You can even buy spices from her website too and there's a little Indian market a couple doors down from her restaurant.

A sampling of the foods they had on the buffet. Russell liked the lentils and rice as well as the bread stuff.

Now if you still have room for some dessert after your Indian meal head across the street to Schmidt's Pastry Cottage. They do serve a deli style menu of soups, salads and sandwiches but we stopped there to check out their desserts. Yep, got my Yelp review online HERE. Lots of delightful goodies to pick from and the person we worked with was very friendly and super helpful. She knew her stuff and even gave us a price list of their bakery items and lunch menu so we could come back. Overall I'd give it a whirl again when I'm having a serious sweet tooth.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie. YUM!

Mint Cookie from We got one of these but we ate it before I took a pic of it. Oops!
Do you have any favorite places that are close to home? If you live on the south end of the Salt Lake Valley I'd love to hear where you love to eat so I can try more fun and fabulous places.


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