Adventures in Food - Near and Far

Last week I enjoyed reviewing a couple of the places I've eaten at lately so I wanted to share a couple more reviews today. My picks for the week are close to my end of town (South Jordan) and a little further away in the downtown area.

My first pick of the week is Kathmandu. It's downtown if you're in the area and we went for a birthday lunch for one of my co-workers. (They also have another location on Highland Drive but I haven't been there.) They have a $10 lunch buffet which I highly recommend for anyone wanting to try Indian/Himalayan/Nepali food. I find at these types of places ordering off the menu can be intimidating if you're not use to the cuisine. Sampling the buffet allows you to see what you like and then know for later if you want to order a whole plate full of the stuff. My review.

My second pick for this week is The Tin Roof Grill. If you're looking to enjoy some tasty brunch that's not from a chain restaurant this is your place. It's located up in Sandy and has a great menu with a good variety of options. There are so many different things that look good so I try to sample something different every time we go. There's even an early bird menu option from 4-6 every day of the week. My review.

Do you have a favorite ethnic food? Is there somewhere you've been waiting to try for a while but haven't gotten around to it. Let me know if there's somewhere you'd like me to try and review. I'd love to check out some of your favorite places.


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