Adventures in Food - Asian Persuasion

Last week you might have seen my post about Sushi and Snow which included a couple of my reviews on Yelp. If you also Yelp be sure to find me so we can be friends.

Anyway, this week I wanted to share a couple new reviews I did. I don't claim to be some sort of fabulous foodie or anything crazy but I do love food. Especially good food. I like to provide my reviews because I know I look at Yelp to see if a place looks worthwhile so I'm trying to contribute to the cause of good eats!

First up this week was Myung Ga. It was my first time here and I must say I'm now a huge Korean food fan. I've eaten a lot of Korean foods before but I don't think I identified them as Korean. I just knew they were good. Check out my review and let me know if you're in for some Bi Bim Bop or whatever it's called. HA HA HA!

Yummy fabulous delights at Myung Ga!

My second review of the week is for Sawadee Utah Thai Restaurant. This place is a staple for the folks at work. It's close to our office downtown and has a great lunch menu. We've had no trouble even with larger groups and the service has always been great. Go for lunch because I've heard the food is pricy otherwise.

One more thing for my fellow Yelpers you should check out if you haven't already is the Bookmarks. I personally bookmark my favorite places and places I want to try. I know a lot of the places I've reviewed are downtown but one on my "to try" list is Saffron Valley. It's here in South Jordan and I've heard the food is great. I love Indian/Himalayan food so I'm excited to go there one of these days and give it a try. Another one we want to visit is The Original Pancake House. It's up in the Sugarhouse area but we had a few in Vegas and always enjoyed their breakfast. I am curious to see if it's the same stuff as we had in Vegas.

Do you use apps/websites like Yelp or Urbanspoon to decide where to eat? Do you believe everything you see in reviews? What's your go to for deciding on somewhere new to try?


  1. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Okay, this looks amazing!! I'm having fun reading your reviews on yelp too.

    1. Thanks for reading my reviews. The food was FABULOUS! We seriously have to go soon. It's so yummy and just fun too. :)


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