A Look at Last Week - So Much to be Thankful For

Whenever I feel that life is hard or that I wish I had something more it never fails that life sends me a gentle reminder that I have it pretty good over here. I recently saw some friends lose loved ones which just reminds us how fragile life is and that we should constantly work to live in the moment and love those around us as much as we can because we never know when that moment will be the last. I think we always hope we have decades left with our loved ones but if we're real with ourselves we should see that's not always the case. So this week I wanted to recap a few more things I've been thankful for this week. There are so many blessed and beautiful things in my life and I hope to never forget that.

Beautiful handmade jewelry by Marskii's! Buy local whenever you can folks!

Panda's a little snuggle muffin AND I love my job! LIVE UNITED!

I love spending time with my little man and he loves spending time with us.

I'm so happy Russell is healthy and strong. He's come so far!

I'm happy to spend time with family and enjoy another Thanksgiving full of yummy food.

I'm happy for cute moments with my little moose man!

There is nothing like the sense of wonder a child has when they discover something new.

Yep, proving again how much of a cuddle muffin Panda is. Love these guys!

If you celebrate it, did you have a great Thanksgiving? How do you live in the moment and enjoy the little things in life? What matters most to you during the holiday season?


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