A Look at Last Week - Random Goodness

So I had some fun pics to share and they're rather random when combined so I'm sharing them here.

RAWR!!! Little Russell doesn't know Minx is staring him down.

Guess who got a new tubby? Russel liked it in the living room too!

I might have to do a Saturday's Supper on this meatloaf! It was healthy and tasty. YUM!!!

Photo a Day for 'What's in Your Bag'. This is Russell's diaper bag which actually has a TON more stuff.

I love my little man and his daddy. They are so cute with their hats on.

And in case no one has stared into your soul today, let Oreo oblige and give you a good stare down. HA!

What's happened in your world in the past week? Are you planning anything fun for this week for Thanksgiving?


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