A Look at Last Week - Halloween Fun!

Last week was busy yet fun. I was out all day on Tuesday for my the Women and Education Summit and Power of Your Purse events. It was the first time I'd been a part of these events and I thought they went really well. It was good to see so many strong women from our community come together to support helping girls get through school. It was a really long day but definitely worthwhile.

The next day was Halloween and we had such a fun time with Russell. Last year he slept through Halloween but this year we braved the wild beasties, ghosts and goblins and went out to trick-or-treat. We actually just hit up a few of my mom's friends houses so Russell could show off his cute costume.

He didn't like his costume at first but it sure kept him warm and cozy.

At first Russell was very shy and didn't know what we were doing out so late. By the end though he was ok checking out all that was going on. He even liked to try and take all the candy from people though all he wanted to do was pull it out of their bowls and drop it on the ground. HA!

Who's a cute little dinosaur? Russell is!

When we came back to Grandma's house Russell even took their candy and dropped it into his toy box. When he did that he decided he wanted it back and actually dug through the box until he found it. He's such a cute little guy.

Now where did I put that KitKat?

Overall Halloween was a big success and a great time. Next year he'll probably have even more fun since he'll be able to walk around. Oh and one house in my Mom's neighborhood gives out hot chocolate and scones. Hopefully they'll do that again because that was awesome! My favorite costumes this year was one of my co-workers who dressed up in a giant panda bear costume and one of my Mom's neighbor kids who dressed up as the guy with the fro from LMFAO. Totally awesome!

Rocking his Happy Halloween shirt after a successful night trick-or-treating.

What did you do for Halloween this year? Do you love giving out candy and dressing up or are you the type who prefers to turn out the lights and hide in the basement? What are your thoughts on older teens dressing up and going trick-or-treating?


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