Pumpkin Patch Adventures

Last week my Mom and Brother went with us to the pumpkin patch. It was Russell's first time picking his own little pumpkin and he had a good time. I think he liked seeing all the people, tractors and trucks that were around. Plus it was a gloriously clear day so he could see the airplanes fly by. Russell loves trucks and airplanes. My Mom says he points to them then tries to chase after them when he sees them.

Our pumpkin patch adventures were pretty low key. It was beautiful out and since it was UEA weekend there were tons of other families and their kids there. We took lots of pictures though getting Russell to look at the camera when there were so many other things to look at was hard. We did snap a few cute pictures so I wanted to share those here.

Does your family have any Halloween or fall traditions? Do you like to go out and pick a pumpkin to carve or decorate or do you prefer the plastic ones that light up and can be used every year?


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