Make Your Own: Halloween Wreath

If you're new to my blog you may not know that I'm one of those uber crafty people. I've always loved arts and crafts type stuff since I was a kid and even took sewing classes back in school. Oh yes! Foods and sewing were some of my favorite classes. Those were good times. My Mom even has some of my crafty creations from back then and I still love them to this day.

Lately though with working and Russell I don't have as much time to be crafty as I'd like so when I see a good idea that's simple and easy I jump on it. That's where this project came in. I follow the blog Her Sunday. If you don't follow it yet, you should. It's all things crafty, fashion, food and more. The amazing woman behind the blog is Kim and we've shared lots of fun memories since we both first went to college at Weber State. But enough about us... On to the project.

Found these little lovelies back in the tiny space with Halloween stuff at Michael's. Nothing like knowing they've already moved on to the next holiday, Christmas. Oh yes, Thanksgiving stuff is already on the back burner too!

So, if her blog is not your cup of tea you should at least check out this easy Halloween Wreath. I think this idea is so great because you could personalize the project in so many ways. Change up the colors for different seasons. Add different embellishments for things like a baby shower or a birthday. You can definitely get whatever is on sale or use those coupons you get if you sign up for the mailing list of most any craft store.

If Oreo could talk she would say "what the deuce is this crazy thing?!?"

I put my wreath together in a couple of hours while sitting and watching TV. It's a good way to get something like this done because you can catch up on your favorite shows and not feel guilty that you're just vegging out. HA! I totally love how it turned out and can't wait to display it for all to see. It was rather windy out the other day and is in the forecast to rain this week so the wreath may move in and out of the house. If you don't want to put it on your door I think this could easily be hung in a window because it's not really thick like some wreaths can get. Joe even got involved helping me cut the pieces of tulle for the wreath so this could be the most low key date ever. HA HA!

Ok so I need to trim up the bottom. It's obviously lopsided but nothing a pair of scissors can't fix. :)

Are you a crafty person? Do you like to DIY your own holiday decor or are you the type who prefers to just buy something from the store? Share your favorite crafty memories! I love to hear your stories.


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I love it! Your sparkly spider is so cute! I love how easy this wreath is. Mine was lopsided too and I had to trim it up. It's still not perfect but I think that's okay because the tulle is so fluffy it kind of hides any imperfections.

    1. Thanks! The spiders were fun and I thought they would be cute on the black tulle. I agree. The fluffy nature of the stuff makes this a no mistake type of project. You can trim if needed or make it all sorts of sizes on purpose. It's definitely a great project for anyone to try even if they're not super crafty. If you can tie a knot you're in! :) Thanks for sharing it on your blog so I could make it too.


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