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As some of you may know I'm doing another month of the Photo a Day Challenge. It's been a lot of fun so one day I thought I'd look a little more at some of the other things going on at Fat Mum Slim, the blog that provides the prompts for the Challenge. While I was reading some of the articles I noticed an ad on the side that said I Heart My Body 2012.

Well being a Mom and seeing that my body is not all that it used to be I thought I'd check it out and see if it was anything worthwhile. I was pleased to see it wasn't just some bogus ad for diet pills or a get skinny quick thing. It's actually an annual campaign where regular bloggers from all over the world post a picture of their body and what they love about their body.

Now I must say the campaign wasn't immediately obvious for me when I was checking out there site. I saw a link to their Facebook page and actually went there and commented on a post to ask for more details. I was pleased to see that they responded quickly and I was able to learn more.

I LOVE when you find someone's page or blog where they actually respond to you. Nothing, at least to me, sucks more than when you try to interact with someone's online presence and you get no response or the response sounds completely corporate or canned. I don't have much time to spend online so for me if there's nothing worth my time to read and no response I'm deleting it and moving on.

So... Because I have had a good impression of this and it has made me a bit curious I think I'll get in on this action and, at least for one day, not completely hate my body. Bah. It's difficult when it seems nothing is the same and nothing looks the same any more. Not to scare all you svelte young things who think babies are all rainbows and glitter... I've seen some moms out there who look completely unscathed from the whole pregnancy/birth process. Good for them... I was not one of them...

Anyway, I am recommending you check out their website and join in the challenge. You can get more info HERE. Be brave, be bold and link up on October 25th! Let's show them the ladies here in the US can represent! (That's right, their blog is based out of Australia!)

What do you love most about your body? Do you think this will be an easy campaign to participate in or are you going to have to think about what you love most? If you participate let me know!


  1. Oh my. What an amazing write up! You should have linked to this on our page! I love your words. I love reading what others think about the site I created back in 2010.

    Reading this, I realised there isn't anything on our site to push anyone to our campaign; I will rectify this in the coming days!

    We love interaction; twitter + facebook + comments you almost are always guaranteed a reply.

    And yes, all the way down in Australia! xx

    [Creator of We Heart Life]

    1. Thanks Carly! I can't wait to see something on your site to help guide people to this wonderful campaign. I think giving people the opportunity to learn more and read others posts, even throughout the year, may help people on their journey to loving themselves more. It's a hard reality these days for women but when you see others struggling with the same feelings you do it helps you not feel so alone. At least that's what it does for me. Thanks for being responsive and caring about all of us out here in the blogsphere. :)


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