Hawaii Here We Come!!!

This past week we went out to dinner with my family to celebrate my brother's birthday. While we were there my Mom surprised us with the news that they had got Joe, Russell and I tickets to go with them to Hawaii in May!

So we won't be cruising but it will still be as awesome as this picture.

My Mom's side of the family is having a family reunion and we wanted to go from the first time we heard about it. Russell hasn't met most of the family and we know he'd get the chance to meet a lot of folks all in one shot at the reunion. We went back and forth before deciding we probably wouldn't be able to afford it since we also have his sisters wedding the month before. We were going to just wait and see if we ended up finding some cheap tickets at some point which we knew would be a long shot.

Oh shave ice how I miss you so! I must eat shave ice as much as possible when we're out there.

Luckily for us my family had a boat load of sky miles and paid for everyone's tickets with miles. We only have to buy the inter-island flight which isn't that expensive. We'll be able to stay at my Aunt's house which will be fun and Russell and Joe will get to meet more of the family. We also heard there will be lots of yummy food, horseback riding and going out on the boat to go fishing. It's going to be such a good time!

My mom's brother and sister making sushi for our wedding. Maybe we'll get some yummy sushi in Hawaii!

We're so excited that we are going to be able to go out and be with everyone during the reunion. I love Hawaii and would go there any chance I could get if it weren't so expensive. It will also be nice to fly with my Mom so she can help us with Russell. I'm praying he does well on the flight.

This was taken at my aunt's house where we'll be staying. That's my Uncle and their daughter.

Now it's time to save some money to spend while we're there, get in shape for the wedding and the beach, and make sure our car seat is airline approved. HA! Oh it's so exciting. This was the BEST news we've had in a long time. Hooray!!!

We'll be staying in Kona where this picture was taken. You can see the Captain Cook monument in the background.

Are you looking forward to any fun vacations or trips in 2013? Do you have to travel to visit family or is your family mostly close by?


  1. What!? That's so awesome! I wish we were planning a 2013 vacation but hopefully we'll be planning for a baby instead. :)

    1. Yes I'm so excited! I don't know that we'd go on this type of vacay if it weren't for my parents helping out. Thank goodness for some SERIOUS sky miles! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll be planning for a baby too! :)

    Congrats! Hawaii is my favorite place in the world!

    1. Tiff it really is! I LOVE Hawaii. If I could afford to go there every year I totally would. I LOVE my relatives that live out there and miss them. Plus a lot of them have kids so it would be fun for Russell to see them more often. Hopefully as life goes on we'll be able to afford to go on a regular basis. :)


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