Feeling Blessed

One thing I really love about my job is the fact I get to do something that helps others. It can be heartbreaking to see people who need basic things not be able to have them. Recently I posted about my work's Stuff the Bus program that ran as a part of Day of Caring. Individuals and businesses collected school supplies that volunteers stuffed into 5,000 backpacks for kids at 20 of our Neighborhood Centers. We got some really great thank you cards from some of the kids at Woodrow Wilson Elementary.

From the top right letter "No one had ben that nice to me in my hole life."

If those don't make you feel at least a little grateful for what you have I don't know what will. The kids are so excited by seeing people come in to volunteer. They love to play games with the adults and will ask for the volunteers to come back because they miss them. They are so grateful for even the smallest things which is so fun!

"...is the best day of my life today because I never got a backpack like these..."

I'm lucky because we are starting a new ongoing volunteer program for our Young Leaders group. I'm coordinating an opportunity for Young Leaders and prospective Young Leaders to volunteer at one of two locations once a month. There is a morning volunteer session at Guadalupe School and an afternoon volunteer session at PAL Boxing Center. Our Young Leaders will have a great opportunity to be a positive role model for the kids at both centers. I can't wait to see how things go and I'm very hopeful the opportunities will grow and expand to additional programs. There are so many kids who need a positive influence in their lives and I hope that in a small way we can start to provide that.

"This will help us a lot and this will help my cousins too. I hope there is more people like you."

I've also thought about doing something to combine two of my passions. Crafting and helping people. I was thinking I would work through the year to make hats that I could donate in the winter time. I have this set of knitting looms that are really easy to use and take no specific crafting talent. I also love that you can start a hat, stop any time and pick it right back up to finish without having to worry about where you're at in the pattern. Whenever you think you have enough hat you simply finish it off and stop. I'm thinking it would be awesome to get some people together on a regular basis to hang out and make hats. I know this year we're pretty close to winter but even a few hats would make a difference to the kids who don't have anything warm to wear this winter. If anyone wants to get together I have a few looms people can use while they're over or you can pick up your own set online or at your local craft store. Yarn is pretty cheap too so I think anyone who wants to help could. If you're interested in helping let me know. I could use all the help I can get and the more hats we make the more kids will have a hat this winter.

If you're not crafty but would like to donate we'll be holding some sort of holiday donation drive in my office so you can always contribute that way. I can send out the list of what we're collecting once we make the final decision though I can say any donations of new socks, mittens/gloves, beanies and scarves would make a difference. The kids also need winter coats and if anyone was able to, shoes. I can get actual sizes if anyone is interested in hosting a donation drive at your work place, school group or church group. There are so many kids that need help and I'm happy to help connect people to ways they can support.

If you, your family or company would like to volunteer visit uw.org/volunteer or dial 2-1-1. Learn about other ways you can get involved by giving, advocating or volunteering by visiting uw.org. I'm a Young Leader and you could be one too!


  1. I would LOVE to loom with you! I use to have some but sold them on KSL~ I may even have some yarn! And I plan on going through coats too~ I will let you know if I have any!

  2. YAY let's do it! I think it would be fun. Maybe we can find a coffee shop or something. Oh and if you have gently used coats I did get a flier today about a coat drive going on. There are details available at the link below.

    International Rescue Committee Warm Welcome Winter Clothing Drive

    Donate items for the IRC in Salt Lake City's Warm Welcome Winter Clothing Drive


    October 10, 2012 through November 03, 2012 From 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM


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