A Look at Last Week

I wanted to share a few pictures from last weeks fun. Joe's parents came to visit us and that was a blast. I think they enjoyed having a vacation just the two of them. Every other time they've traveled it's usually with Joe's sister, aunt or niece. These trips are all good and fun too but I'm sure it's sometimes nice to just get away and have some fun.

This trip was great because they got to see Russell again. The last time they saw him was before we moved to Utah in May so he's much more mobile and active now. They took Russell to see the new Scheels store which was fun for them because Joe and his Dad love all that hunting/fishing/camping stuff. Russell likes to see the animals on all the walls and this time he enjoyed getting pushed around in this fun little cart.

Russell also found he likes this show called Jungle Junction. It's a silly show and I think Russell likes the colorful creatures. One night he was having the best time just pointing and laughing at the screen. It was so funny. He makes me laugh.

We also went to lunch with my family to try the Black Bear Diner up in Sandy. It's actually a restaurant I've been to in Vegas and didn't realize they had one here in Utah. We wanted to give it a try and see if this location was any good. I had the open faced turkey sandwich that came with mashed potatoes and gravy and a side of cranberry sauce. I liked what I had though it wasn't anything particularly special. I can say it's pretty well like most of the places like Village Inn or Jim's Family Restaurant. They're all pretty affordable, reasonably good and your service will probably vary depending on who your server is. A good place to hit up if you're looking for something easy and family friendly for sure. There are always kids at these places when I've gone so I don't feel bad to have Russell there. The Black Bear does have a lot more of a cabin in the woods type feel with all its bear decor which is cute. They do have some massive desserts though so if you're looking for your own personal pie go there.

Finally I wanted to share this pic of Russell. He LOVES to stand by the window and look outside. He loves to watch the trucks when they go by. We usually pull up the blinds once the sun is on the other side of the house and let him look out as much as he wants. He loves to be outside so I'm sure he'll grow up to love going camping and fishing with his Dad and Grandpa Cameron.

How was your week? Did you do anything fun or noteworthy? Have you gone out and got anything special for fall or Halloween yet?


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