A Look at Last Week - Sushi and Snow

Ah so once again we return for A Look at Last Week. If you didn't catch last weeks recap you can still check it out HERE. I'm enjoying having a space to do a quick recap and share some of the things that are going on in our world.

Who doesn't love Aggie ice cream when it's snowing out?!?

First up is some serious snow I encountered going to and from work. I must say I don't find it terrible yet because it's so different than Vegas winters so I think this winter I'll enjoy it for the most part. Yes I'm sure there will be days I won't like the snow but overall I've never really hated it and it will be fun to enjoy it with Russell this year. My in-laws got him a cute little sled that we can strap him in and pull him through the snow so that will be fun this year. I can't wait for enough show for him to enjoy that. So far I've just slowed down going to work and understand that if I'm late I'm late. I tend to work late or work from home anyway so I figured better to arrive late than not at all. Hopefully others will think that way too and I won't encounter too many crazy people who think snow = roaring by at 80 MPH is a good idea. BOO! Just because you're in an SUV or 4-wheel drive doesn't make you crash proof! OY!

Snow, snow and more snow. The poor roses outside looked cold.

Next up is our adventures in sushi! I got SUPER lucky this past week and had sushi twice! Ah heaven! Nothing like enjoying some good times with good folks and family. If you're on Yelp find me and let's be friends. I don't review everything but I'm trying to be better at it. I know I often go to Yelp when we're looking for something new or non-chain so I'm adding my two cents. I know I'm really not picky about food but hey I'm adding what I know when I get a chance. Yelp is also an app you can download if you have a smartphone and I use mine all the time! Get online and find me on there!

If you love American Gladiators this is the place to go! BA HA HA!

My first sushi was our date night. We went with our great friends Tiffany and Kevin. We love hanging out with them because they have kids too and their youngest is a boy that's close to Russell's age. It's hilarious to share our war stories and realize we're not alone in the insanity that is raising kids. HA! We went to try Simply Sushi because we bought a KSL Deal which gave us $50 of food for $25. If you'd like, check out my review on YELP.

Playboy, Tokyo, Hawaiian and Rainbow Roll. Plus where my peeps at? Friends are apparently coming back to me!

My second sushi adventure for the week was with my family. It's always fun to go out with them because you never know what they're going to pick. Sometimes it's as quick as fast food and other times it's more diner style places. This time it was Fortune Cookie. It's a Japanese/Chinese restaurant in Riverton so it's close and convenient. Russell likes rice, miso soup and tofu too so it's nice that he can have some nom-noms while we're there. It was fun to hang out with my family and enjoy more sushi. YUM! You can check out my review on YELP too.

Cats, where's Russell, cheesy faces and happy Russell.

Overall the past week has been fun. Work is crazy busy but I'll be getting help soon thankfully. I can't wait until I'm not the only one in the office doing what I'm doing.

Have you been to any good places to eat lately? Are you on Yelp? If you're on Yelp let me know so we can be friends!


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I was surprised to wake up to snow that day. It never ceases to amaze me how many crazy snow drivers there are in Utah. You'd think people would get a clue but nope.

    1. RIGHT?!? You'd think people would learn after living here for so long that you have to be careful when it's snowing out. Sheesh! I do love how the snow looks on the mountains but man it makes for a rough commute. BLAH!


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