Workout in a Week

So this past week we've been collecting donations for United Way of Salt Lake's Stuff the Bus drive. Kim, Christiana and I have been manning a storefront location in the Gateway where people have been dropping off school supplies they collected.

Yeah, it wasn't a small truck. It was a full sized semi!

Most of the time went well with pleasant folks excited about the drive dropping off all the great things they collected with their co-workers and friends. We spent time counting and sorting some of the supplies since the storefront didn't have internet access or really anything else for us to do while we were waiting.

We'd already moved a bunch of boxes out when I took this.

The one day that was truly hard was when our backpacks were supposed to arrive. We were told they would show up between 8 and 9 in the morning. Well... 9 became 10 and after a bunch of calls and texts we found the delivery wasn't showing up until around noon. So we waited around for the backpacks and even with a noon ETA the backpacks still didn't arrive until 2 in the afternoon.

I needed proof how tall these pallets were stacked. Kim is tall too.

By then we were already hot and tired and really just wanted to get the backpacks and go back to the office to get some work done. Unfortunately we found the drivers truck was too big to fit into the loading dock and he didn't have a fork lift or pallet jack. We were also told he wasn't physically able to help us unload anything.

Boxes in the loading dock. Now to get them into the store...

Well not to be stopped Kim, Christiana and I worked our tails off unloading boxes containing 5,000 backpacks that will be donated to kids in 20 neighborhood centers. We had about 100 boxes that we had to move from the far back of the semi truck to the front then we had to move them into the loading dock. At that point we were so tired we called for reinforcements.

Ah what an adventure.

Luckily for us we work with some amazing people. My boss, the Sr. VP of our department, cancelled our staff meeting and sent the team over to help us move the boxes from the loading dock into the storefront. Agnes, Scott, Kai and Linda helped us move everything in. We couldn't have done it without them. It was so exhausting but we knew it was for a good cause.

School supplies for kids in need! How awesome!

Have you ever done something for work that was completely out of your job description or what you figured your job would require? I know for me a career as a mover or delivery person is not something I would be good at. HA HA HA!


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