Team Iron Dean

I wanted to share some info about something fun coming up in November. If you don't have anything going on on Saturday, November 3rd you must sign up and come out for the Team Iron Dean 5K Walk/Run. It's in Riverton and only costs $20 if you sign up before the end of September.

The race is for Dean Bullock who is going through treatment for brain cancer. All proceeds from the race will be donated to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. You can read more about Dean's story HERE. Let me tell you the blog is heartfelt and warm and filled with emotions and hope. I must admit I've never met Dean but he seems like a great man and is obviously loved by his family and friends. Even his co-workers have showed him support which lets you know just how much he is truly loved.

I've heard about this great event through a high school friend of mine. We all ran track together back in the day (my friend, Dean's son and I) though I ran hurdles and they were the cross country/distance runners which I am totally not. So, strap on your shoes and join us for a great event. Seriously you have no excuse because even my out of shape butt could get out and walk a 5K today. It's going to be awesome! Show your support and if you can't make the walk feel free to just give a donation or sponsor someone else to walk. Whatever you can do, even just sharing this post or their blog would be helpful. Please help and at least spread the word if you can. Pass this on to all your runner friends or those who enjoy walking. It's going to be a great day!!!

If you sign up to participate comment here so I can look for you. Also, if you have any events like this you want to share leave them in the comments section so others can find them. GO TEAM IRON DEAN!!!


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