Summer of Service Recognition Event

Last Saturday after the walk we did our last project for United Way of Salt Lake's Summer of Service program. Summer of Service is meant for kids aged 5-18 to participate in service throughout their summer vacation. The kids and their families helped to sort and count the school supplies that are going into the 5,000 backpacks we unloaded last week.

After the kids helped to count and sort they enjoyed some yummy boxed lunches and a simple recognition event. I had to speak during the event which does kind of make me nervous. I think it's only because I'm still so new to everything that I don't feel totally prepared to wing it. Normally I am great at talking about my work but being so new I always fear the questions I can't answer. Luckily at this event I just had to talk and recognize the kids who had served. Even better was the fact Christina got up super early to write me a script so I'd have something to follow.

There weren't a ton of folks there but it was a good event. Junior Achievement City was a great place for the event and we're glad we could partner with them to host our event. We enjoyed the projects we did with the kids throughout the summer. It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait for next year because I know it will just get better and better!

Do you volunteer with your kids or your family? Do you volunteer on your own or with your work or church? Let us know what you do and where you volunteer!


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