I'm Hiring!!!

Yep, it's true! My department is expanding and I'm hiring a coordinator to help with volunteer events, database management and volunteer management training. You'd be working directly with me and our AmeriCorps VISTA member most of the time. For certain events this position would also work with the Events Director and 2-1-1 Director and staff. It's an awesome opportunity for someone who is interested in non-profit work. I love what I do but I also know it's not for everyone. Believe me I know this. Volunteer coordinators tend to have a relatively high turnover rate and I have heard from more than one person that they would NEVER do my job. Then again there are plenty of other jobs I would never want to do too so I guess there's always something for everyone. :)

Early morning but a great time at the Healthy Kids Fun Run. Getting families out and active!

I'm looking for someone who is creative, thinks on their feet, who is detail oriented but able to make decisions on the fly and work in an ever changing environment. This person should have very good people skills in person, on the phone and over email and other written communications. The ideal candidate would be in good shape (seriously volunteer events take a LOT of heavy lifting, walking, standing and long days), have their own vehicle they could use for work and looking for a long term career opportunity. This person should be very comfortable working one-on-one with people but also comfortable standing in front of a crowd (200-700+) of volunteers to take charge. This person should have common sense, be able to think logically and able to execute directions with only a basic explanation of what's going to happen.

Heavy lifting = unloading 5,000 backpacks from the back of a semi truck.

Most of the time this person will work a regular 8-5 type schedule with a one hour lunch break. On occasion there will be weekend, evenings and early morning work. Before big events, like our Day of Caring there is a potential to work quite a few hours. I think the last two pay periods (4 weeks) I've easily worked over 100 hours. So depending on your other obligations I know this job isn't for everyone.

Working with Help Me Grow to help parents learn ways they can engage their children in play.

You've got to be willing to do whatever it takes to get things done and get along with the existing team of folks that are on staff. The ideal candidate will be able to excel within a group and independently. This person must be capable of working with anyone from the CEO of a large company to the clients the non-profits serve. This person should also have empathy for those we help and patience to work with all types of volunteers.

Agnes LIVING UNITED with backpacks for kids at one of 20 Community Learning Centers.

I love what I do and I love knowing that I get to do work that actually changes the lives of people in our community. I know that when I spend over 100 hours working that a lot of lives are being touched. I love that United Way of Salt Lake is doing amazing things within a Collective Impact framework. This is not a typical United Way thing, though it is growing. Many people probably imagine that UW just raises money but that's not all we do. We work with businesses, government, schools, non-profits and others in the community to come together to create lasting change. We're not just saying we want to end poverty or increase high school graduation rates, we're working with the key players that can make that happen! This is seriously a great opportunity for the right person.

You too could be hauling/lifting tables and chairs! Right after this I hauled some tires we used for the Healthy Kids Fun Run.
Or you could be hauling backpacks or school supplies for kids! All in a day's work!

If you're interested you can view the job description HERE. We do have a couple other positions hiring and you can check them out HERE. If you know someone who would be great for this job feel free to pass this on and have them apply. I'm looking to hire hopefully within the next two weeks so apply fast if you are interested. I love what I do and so could you! Learn more about UWSL by visiting their website http://www.uw.org.


  1. Wow, that would be great! I wish I could apply but no degree :( working on that though!
    If I know of anyone I will send them your way!

  2. You could totally apply!!! That's more of a guideline for me. I'd rather have someone with the right skills and no degree than someone with a degree who doesn't have any actual skills to do the job! Seriously email me if you have any questions I'd love to have you apply. :)


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