Healthy Kids Fun Run Recap

Yep another recap but there are so many fun things going on right now! My work put together our first Fun Run. We received a grant from Humana which we used to put together the LIVE UNITED Healthy Kids Fun Run. It was hosted at Granite High School in South Salt Lake City.

Kids and their families were able to come out and enjoy a one mile run filled with fun obstacles. Along the way kids had to jump rope, hula hoop, do jumping jacks, draw their favorite animals with chalk and finally run through some tires to the finish line. It was awesome to see the kids boundless energy as they raced around the track. It was also fun to see the parents running along side their kids or pushing little ones in their strollers.

We heard great feedback from many of the participants saying how fun it was and that they hope we do it again next year. I know if we do we'll just get more and more people every time! It was an awesome event and if we hold another one you'll have to come! It was great.

Have you participated in any type of run or walk with your kids? Do you enjoy participating in walks/runs for charity?


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