Dad's Birthday Recap

I wanted to recap the fun we had on my Dad's birthday. Initially we didn't think we'd get to go out as a family but my meeting ended up cancelling at the last minute so we went out for dinner.

Our family has a tradition that whoever is celebrating the birthday gets to pick the place. My brother would always pick Tony Roma's because they had the endless slab every time his birthday came around. Sadly Tony Roma's isn't in UT anymore so he's had to try other places. This year for my Dad's birthday he picked Nagoya Sushi which is a place Joe and I have started to go to whenever we crave some tasty sushi.

My Mom and Brother ordered some bento boxes and the rest of us had sushi. It's fun to eat sushi with lots of folks because you can order a lot and share your food. YUM! My Mom shared her tofu from her miso soup with Russell and he ended up liking it. She also gave him some soup and he loved it. He wanted to eat the spoon. It was cute. We also ordered him a little bowl of rice because he loves to eat our big people food whenever we're eating.

It was a wonderful evening out and it was much more fun than being in a meeting. HE HE HE. I love a good birthday celebration. Do you have any fun family traditions for birthdays?


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    We have the same birthday tradition. Your birthday, your restaurant choice! I love it.


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