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Has it been a while since I've blogged? YES! Is that ok? YES! I have never promised to be super consistent or to stick to a schedule. Would I like to? Sure but sometimes life gets busy. I must say life is still busy but I feel better able to get back into at least blogging every now and again. Plus I want to be able to share some yummy recipes we've made and all the other fun things going on in our lives.

So, let's recap...

In case anyone doesn't know we moved from Vegas up to Utah back at the end of May. I started my new job May 31st and Joe took over the role of stay at home dad. It's been an interesting adjustment but I love my job so it hasn't been too bad. I do miss my days at home chillin' in my PJ's with my little man all day but sometimes it's nice to get up, get ready and go out to do some good.

If you didn't know my new job is the Volunteer & Community Engagement Director at United Way of Salt Lake. Yep, I used to work for United Way in Vegas and now I'm doing it again. I LOVE this United Way. UWSL is amazing. The people I work with are really nice, they believe in the work we're doing and everyone works really hard. It's nice to know that everyone is working daily to make lasting community wide change possible.

Russell is doing really well. He's been very healthy and even though he had a rough start he's right on track with most of his milestones. He's been eating solid foods for a while now and can even handle some table food too. He still loves his peas and we have been trying to give him a good variety of things. We've done acorn squash, butternut squash, turnips, parsnips and even salmon. He even tried a little couscous the other day. He made a funny face but I think he liked eating it because I was eating it.

Joe and I have been adjusting to our new roles and being here in UT. I love being able to see my friends and family and Joe has been enjoying his time at home with Russell. Russell has been walking so he's a lot more active and he has been teething a ton. I think he's already got 10 teeth in right now.

So, that's the super fast and super abbreviated version of what's been going on lately. Hopefully since things are starting to settle in place I can get back to blogging on a somewhat more regular basis. I hope everyone's been well.


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