Baby Mac Update - Yoga Baby

I wanted to share an update about our sweet little Russell for those who have followed his story. Back in August he turned 1. We're so pleased that he's doing so well and that he seems to be developing on track. I think he does some things a little slower than the milestones but I am ok with that. I know that boys do tend to develop slower than girls and I know with his rough start he may not do everything right on time. I'm happy he eventually figures stuff out and sometimes he'll do some things ahead of schedule so I guess it all events out.

No cat is safe...

Lately Russell's favorite thing to do is yoga. Well, not really but he sure looks like he's got some yoga poses going on. I wanted to share a few we were able to catch on camera. I swear he knows when I'm trying to take his picture and he quickly moves on to something else.

Head on ground, straighten legs, peek at mom, realize she's taking pic, quickly sit down...

Russell is doing great with his walking. He loves to try and run around and usually does pretty well. When he's tired though he trips and stumbles a lot. He's doing better at looking at the ground so he doesn't trip over stuff all the time anymore. He loves to be outside and enjoys playing in the grass.

My friend says in Hawaii when a baby looks at you like this you or someone you know will have a baby. I hope it's not me. We're not ready! HA HA HA!

One thing he's gotten picky on is food. He still eats a good variety of things but I think he's starting to find out what things he likes and doesn't like. He's not into meat much unless it's pieces of our food we feed to him. Luckily he still eats veggies and seems to love fruit right now. For some reason he is really liking the food in the pouches. He also really likes yogurt. We think he's partially being picky because of his teething. He has a mouth full of teeth already which is fun when he smiles. He plays with his teeth all the time and even let me brush them a little last night.

Modified tree pose. HA HA HA! He's so silly!

Overall Russell seems to sleep pretty good. Joe gets up with Russell at night and most nights he's only getting up once or twice. I think I'd push more to just let him cry it out but I also know the neighbors might not like that. Joe doesn't really complain about it either so I figure as long as we're all relatively happy then we do what works for us. With parenting I've realized everyone and every situation is different so I try not to judge what others do because I know I wouldn't want to be judged. It's hard enough to try and figure things out while others are scrutinizing your every move. OY!

Russell's food stash. Mostly organic. I think he eats better than all of us.

So, Russell is doing really well. He passed his one year checkup with flying colors. He's still a sweet and happy little man. We love him to pieces and are blessed to be able to share some of his fun and silly photos here.

I've been trying to find a good yogurt that doesn't have as much sugar and doesn't use artificial sweeteners.

What was your baby doing when he/she was just over one? Is there anything you wish someone would have told you that they didn't? Do you have an parenting pet peeves?


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