Friday, April 20, 2012

I Statements

I only have a short amount of time because I need to get some stuff done but I saw this quick little challenge on my friend Kim's blog. She found it on Becky's blog. Becky has an awesome thing called Project Life which I would recommend you check out if you're interested in scrapbooking but feel intimidated by all the products out there or are just looking for an easier way to preserve your memories. Kim has been talking about it and I am very interested in getting my own Project Life going. Anyway, if you'd like to post your "I" statements feel free to copy them and share in the comments or on your own blog.

i was … just getting some chores done around the house before going to bed.

i am … tired but my mind is running a million miles a minute.

i think … I need to work harder to get my life on track.

i wonder … when our life will get out of limbo and get some semblance of normalcy.

i wish … Russell would sleep through the night or even just get up only once at night.

i save … random things to scrapbook later.

i always … want more out of life.

i can’t imagine … being without Joe. He means so much to me.

i believe … that we are all capable of so much.

i promise … to get out and make more friends and visit the ones I have to have a more enriched life.

i love … Hawaii! Every time I see Hawaii on TV I totally wish I could be there.

So that's it for today. Got to get more done before going to bed. Oh and if you could take a moment on Monday to say a prayer for my sister-in-law. She will be undergoing surgery on her knee in the morning and we are praying for a good procedure and fast recovery. Our family appreciates any prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts, etc you can send our way. Thanks!

My fabulous SIL and Russell before he got his haircut.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Checking In!

So much has been going on lately that I haven't found much time to blog. It's never that I don't want to because I sure wish I could share all our fun adventures but mostly I just end up short on time and with Russell not sleeping the same hours every night I typically chose sleep over writing a blog post. I do think I am getting used to less sleep though so perhaps you'll see more of me here in the future. HE HE HE.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello to all those who read my blog and let you know I'm here and I'm keeping busy. I have crafts, recipes and pictures to share! Oh how I wish I could live without sleep. I'd get so much more done every day.

To update on Russell, for those who have followed his story, he is doing really well. He is eating a variety of solid foods and really loves his peas. Green beans are another favorite of his. He has tried banana, carrots, broccoli and zucchini as well. He can roll all over the place but he's finally starting to scoot. He can sit and stand if we help him and I don't know if he just doesn't like sitting on his own or if maybe he's just not ready to do it on his own yet. For now he's still doing well so we're not concerned. He is vocalizing a ton and it's fun to hear his babble develop. He's even been able to make a "ma" sound so sometimes it sounds like he's saying mama. He's also recently discovered his feet and hands. He loves to look at his hands and he plays with his feet whenever he can reach them. If you'd like you can check out this super short video of him laughing at the store. His laugh is awesome and always makes me smile. Oh and Russell also got his first haircut! Joe's sister is a cosmetologist and cuts hair so she came over and gave him a quick trim. Now his hair isn't in his eyes or over his ears anymore. I can't say he loved getting a haircut but it worked out and he's still cute as ever.

Ok, hope everyone is doing well. Take care, stay healthy and enjoy life! Cheers!