What's your passion?

I was visiting my darling friend Kim's blog (yep the best friend of mine that I made the cute crocheted pieces for) and finally checked out the video she shared in her Post Birthday Post. I swear that girl always has just the thing I need when I don't even know what I was looking for. You MUST take a couple of minutes and watch this video!

Tell me! Tell me what is your passion? If you have to think about it, if you don't have an immediate answer and if that answer doesn't immediately make you feel happy you need to take the time to figure it out. Your passion should be what drives you. What makes you feel whole and complete as a person. The thing you love to do and would do for the rest of your life no matter what because it makes you happy.

Delightful breakfast cups I made. I love delicious food!

For me my passions revolve around being creative. I love being able to create something out of nothing. To be able to take pieces of something and put it together into something that brings joy into the world. I love to cook and craft. I always have and always will. I have been enjoying both for as long as I can remember and I have realized that my fondest memories often revolve around when I was creating something. For me there is nothing better than sharing food with others especially when they find it so delicious that it makes them happy too. I also love crafting because it allows me to create beautiful things I can share with others or keep for myself. To me when I can create something as a gift for someone else it is filled with love. I have to take the time to think about that person, what they would like and how they would use whatever I have created. I think about them as I am creating and hope they will enjoy the gift as much as I enjoyed creating it. Plus I know for me when a gift is truly thoughtful I think of the person every time I use the item and that is lovely.

A great friend is one of the most beautiful gifts.

I have been on a long journey of self discovery and this all makes me realize that I do have the answers within me. I know what I love and now I just need to go out and do it and like the video says do it often. Life is too short and it's too easy to take the people who mean the most to us for granted. We always figure they will be there tomorrow, that we'll see them again and that there is always that next time to say what we want to say. I was reminded of this today when a friend posted on her Facebook page that one year ago she had a two minute conversation with her dad and that was the last conversation she had with her dad. I don't want to share the details but he did fall ill and pass away. That just makes me think if my last conversation I had with any given person were our last would I be happy? Would that person know what they have meant to me in my life? I realized the answer was likely no. It's too easy to assume there will always be a next time. Another phone call, another text, another day to visit or another time.

I realized I don't have enough pictures of me with my family.

Please don't wait. Find your passion and share it with the world. Tell the people you love how much you love them often. If someone has made a difference in your life tell them and tell them why. Let them know why they are special and what you love about them. It's these things that will likely make someone's life. We're all constantly bombarded by messages that we're not good enough (too fat, not smart enough, not rich enough, not fashionable enough, etc...) so what would it mean to hear something positive about how amazing you are just the way you are.

I love my little family. We are awesome!

Share with me what your passion is! What do you want to do for the rest of your life because it makes you happy? Has someone ever done something or said something to you that made your life that you'll never forget? Share all the joyful goodness! I hope each and every person who stumbles upon this and reads it will find their passion and share it with the world.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

~ Howard Thurman


  1. Heather I love this post! I have seen the video once before, a few weeks ago~It is amazing!
    I am trying to fine tune my passion these days, I have so many things I love doing or trying that I need to maybe just stop and look at the bigger picture! :)
    I do love to create so I suppose that would be the biggest one right now!
    Thanks for the awesome post as always!

    1. YAY! So glad you enjoyed the post. After watching the video I realized that though I do like a lot of things and am interested in so much the things that have brought me the most joy involved being creative. I feel this will help me make decisions in the future. :)

    2. I agree- Awesome post. I love how creative you are. Creativity is one thing I've always wanted to cultivate in myself. I think my passions change from year to year but in the end it is making the most out of everything that is my passion.

    3. Kim I totally understand. I feel that our interests can change as we learn and grow. I think it's all about pouring your heart into what lights your fire at that point and making the best of it. If later it's not for you then that's ok. I find I would rather try a lot of different things and enjoy all that I can learn that focus on one thing I've lost interest in for the sake of just keeping going. Life is always evolving that's for sure. :)


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