My friend Christina Ambubuyog is awesome. I met her when I was working at the Blind Center when she came in to volunteer. She was a shining light from day one and even taught a yoga class for the members of the Blind Center. They loved it and it was such a great service that she would take on modifying a yoga class for the blind and visually impaired. Good stuff!

Since then we have stayed in contact meeting for lunch or saying "hi" on Facebook. (Check out Christina's Facebook page to get connected.) She is a life coach and through her learning journey I have helped her by participating in some coaching sessions. Then as her business grew I actually signed up and participated in her actual coaching program. It was wonderful and I still refer back to many of the great things I learned. You must check out her fabulous website to see what she's all about. She can work with clients anywhere as long as you have access to a phone and email. If you have ever thought about working with a life coach she is wonderful and definitely worth looking into.

Another awesome feature she has is her Ask Christina opportunity where you can send her your questions and if she selects it she will answer it on a video that is shared on her site. I sent in a question about my new role as a mother and her answer was just what I needed to hear. If you're a first time mom you should definitely check it out! I can't possibly be the only person who has had issues adjusting to a new role through this major life transition. At least I hope I'm not the only one... HA HA HA!

If you're a "been there done that" momma and have any advice about how you handled going from "all about you" to "all about baby" please feel free to share here or on Christina's page for the video. I would love to hear how you get things done for yourself and honor your passions and joy while still being a great momma. (I do like the ideas she share in her video and will be working to incorporate them in my life.)

And... If you're a new momma still struggling in your journey know you're not alone. Don't get me wrong I love my son and I love being his mom but there are days when it's hard. Really hard. For 30 years it was all about me and that was all I had to worry about and now I have a tiny person who needs me to meet his most basic needs and that is a huge responsibility and shift in life. It's not all unicorns and glitter but I do know that nothing in the world is better than my sweet little man when he snuggles in my arms and falls asleep with his little hand over my heart. Ah the good times.

So check out the video and share what you think. While you're at it visit her website and sign up for her free E-book: 11 Secrets to Ignite Your Intuition and Fire Up Abundance in Your Life and Business which also signs you up for her fabulous e-zine. It's one of the few newsletters that I read whenever I get it because she is such a ray of sunshine in this world.


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