Late Night Hooking

No I haven't fallen into any unsavory business here in the city of sin... Don't worry! The late night hooking I'm messing with involves a ball of yarn and a crochet hook. WA HA HA!

KamiKay's present all wrapped up and ready to go!

Ever since I started crocheting again I must say I'm HOOKED. I love it! It's fun to try new projects and learn new stitches to see what I can make. I stumbled upon Ravelry which has been quite enabling to my newest addiction. I can browse through tons of patterns and save what I may want to attempt. It's awesome. If you knit or crochet you should check it out. It's free to join! If you sign up you can find me and add me as a friend.

The finished Crochet Bow Headband.
One of the latest projects I attempted was for Joe's niece KamiKay for her birthday. I thought the Crochet Bow Headband was so cute and it seemed easy enough so I gave it a shot. It was rather hard to get started but luckily I browsed through the comments and found additional directions that helped me get going. In the end I liked how it turned out and it looks SO cute on KamiKay. WIN!

The bow from the Bow Headband Tutorial.
 When I made the headband I wasn't sure how well it would fit or if KamiKay would even like it so I decided to quickly make another headband so she'd have another option and hopefully would like one of the two. I found this great Bow Headband Tutorial on Ravelry and thought it would be quick and easy. It was totally cake and since it has buttons it's adjustable which I figured would be good since I have no idea how big KamiKay's head is. I did make it shorter and not as wide as the pattern because I figured it would work better in a smaller size since KamiKay is only 6. Joe's mom sent me this picture of her wearing it at her birthday party and I love how it looks on her! So cute!!! I want to make more because they are so fun so I need to find more small children to craft for. HA HA HA!

Uncle Joe and KamiKay enjoy the birthday fun!

Finally my adventures in crocheting have also led me to some cute flowers. I think I saw these cute crochet flowers on Pinterest and I wanted to try them. In order not to get totally overwhelmed I decided to actually attempt a smaller flower that was in the pattern shared in the comments section. The pattern for the Small Rosette was simple and turned out great. I can definitely see using the flower on one of those headbands instead of the bow. I am excited to make more flowers in different sizes and see what uses I can find for them.

The flower ready to be put together.
Ta-da! We have a flower!

Ok that's my latest adventure in crafty world. I must say, only because I think of these things, please don't think I'm some sort of super mom. I know for me I sometimes see what other moms are doing and think WOW how in the world do they get these things done with kids. Really I'm just now getting to the point where I can get these kind of things done. I work on them after Russell goes to bed because he sleeps really early. He goes to bed between 5-6 most days which leaves me with a couple hours that I can craft before I go to bed at night. He still gets up at night 1-2 times at night so my sleep is kind of in short spaces and some days I am really tired but it is so important to me to have time to be creative and enjoy some of the things I love doing so I make time for it. Really I don't think I could have done this stuff even just a couple months ago. I was just too tired and still adjusting to being a new mom. My days are definitely busy, I get things done as much as possible during the day time so I can craft at night and my husband is SUPER supportive of me having time to craft and enjoy my hobbies. He lets me plan craft days with my friends and makes sure I get time to work on my projects when I need a break. Anyway, if you're a mom reading my blog and think OMG how does she do it just know I'm not super mom. You're getting the highlights from my life and often I am posting well after I have cooked/crafted whatever I'm sharing. I am just taking things day by day and making time when I can. If you are a mom with any tips or tricks to getting time for yourself I'd love to hear them. :) I hope you enjoy my adventures.

My little adventurer. Taking self portraits while hanging out in our PJ's.


  1. I wish I was crafty. You've made da

    1. I love to craft stuff. I want to try and craft more with friends. If/when I end up in UT I'd be happy to craft with you if you ever feel like it. :)


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