Birthday Inspiration

I wanted to share the inspiration I found for my gift I sent to my BFF Kim for her birthday. I decided to DIY part of her gift because it sounded like fun and would be something totally one of a kind. While on Pinterest I found THIS cute amigurumi panda ornament that led me to the amazing blog All About Ami. Her amigurumi was simply adorable but not something I could whip up since I am just relearning to crochet. I got lucky though because she had some CUTE patterns on her site that seemed like something I could tackle with my limited knowledge. Thank you internet and YouTube! HA HA HA.

The first thing I attempted was this super cute Cup Cozy. I know Kim loves to enjoy a nice cup of tea and I thought this would just be something fun to enjoy with her little cup of zen. I want to make one for myself now because it's just so cute and would be perfect so I don't burn my hands on my cup.

Now I didn't want to just send a cup of tea so I also attempted this new tutorial Stephanie put together for a Knotted Headband. I thought it was simply wonderful and would be perfect in the chilly Utah weather. Wear it with your hair up or down or even pull it over your ears to keep you nice and snug. I will definitely be making me one of these as soon as I can decide on what color I want. HE HE HE.

My gift this year was pretty simple and low key. I of course threw in a cute mini set of Mary Kay lip gloss for her to play with and a box of my new favorite tea. I love the clean flavor and the subtle sweetness it has. I have been drinking more tea instead of coffee in the mornings for it's health benefits and because I drink my tea as is and I typically doctor my coffee with creamer and I'm trying to cut calories here and there without giving up everything I enjoy. I still have a cup or two of coffee each week but I have reserved that for my weekends with Joe.

Anyway, I am loving the inspiration I'm finding on Pinterest. I still have some posts to share about some yummy nom's I have made that I found on Pinterest. Ah if only I didn't need to sleep. HA HA HA! I am going to keep working on learning to crochet. I am going to work on getting all the supplies I need to make THIS lovely toy for Russell. I'm sure it will take a while to figure it out but I am really enjoying crocheting. I got lucky too and found this site called Ravelry which is a knit and crochet community. You can connect with others who share similar interests, groups in your area and find patterns of a ton of different projects. If you knit or crochet get your free account and friend me.

So another happy birthday to my fabulous friend Kim. Hopefully you'll be enjoying the fun gifts I made. It was great fun to make them. :)


  1. OMG, those are both sooooo cute!!!

    1. Thanks. They were SO much fun to make! Plus super easy. Both projects I was able to complete in one evening. I am so excited about all the crafty goodness I'm enjoying right now. :)

  2. Love it! You've got talent!

    1. Thanks Kaycee! I love to be crafty. :)

    2. He he! I love everything you sent me! You are awesome!


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