My Life Inspired by Pinterest - Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups

Ok so I swear I'm still out here but it's quite an adjustment being a mom so at some point I'll figure out how to squeeze in some blogging with everything else that goes on during the day. HA HA HA. But today I wanted to sneak in a quick post about something I'm trying out. It's my life inspired by Pinterest. If you haven't found Pinterest yet you are missing out. It's a site where you can basically bookmark things that interest you in a very visual way. I love it because I can find new recipes and crafts to try as well as some ideas for fashion, home style and more. If you're on Pinterest follow me so I can follow you back!

One of the first things I have tried since finding Pinterest were these delish Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups. I saved them on my Nom Nom board where I stash all things yummy looking and food related. Now remember this is my life INSPIRED by Pinterest. I have never been one to follow a recipe 100% plus I tend to use recipes for inspiration to use things I have on hand which is what I did with the Breakfast Cups.

I thought I had some hash browns but I didn't so I sliced up some potatoes I had really thin (I would have used my mandolin but it's packed somewhere) and lined an extra large muffin tin (yep the regular muffin tin is packed somewhere too) with the potatoes and baked those instead of using the hash browns. Joe likes scrambled eggs better than most other types of eggs so I also totally scrambled my eggs before adding them. Oh and because I didn't have any bacon at the time I added some prosciutto after the potatoes had cooked for a bit. I let the prosciutto cook for a bit to get crispy too before adding the scrambled eggs and it worked great. I also didn't have any cheddar cheese to use but I did have a piece of this hard Parmesan type cheese that I used and it was tasty. MMM...

That was one of my first inspirations from Pinterest and I am excited to try some more of the great things I have saved. The eggs were supper fluffy, the potatoes were crisp on the outside and cooked perfectly on the inside and that crispy prosciutto was amazing. I have already tried some other awesome things I can't wait to share with you. Now to just find the time in the day to get on here and share some of the love. *Sigh... So be patient and come back to find out what other inspirations I'm enjoying.


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