Learning to Crochet

Ah I am excited for all the new things 2012 will bring. Obviously it will be a learning experience as Russell grows but Joe and I still have goals for ourselves for the year. We created our goal poster even though it didn't get done until this month and one of my goals for February was to learn to crochet. There are just so many cute things I have seen lately that I want to create so I figured why not learn how to create all this lovely cuteness. Plus I feel working on a crochet project is something I can do most any where very easily.

I actually learned to crochet before but I don't know that I actually made anything at the time. I can't even remember who taught me how to crochet so this time I went online and with the power of YouTube found THIS video. It said it was for the absolute beginner so I figured it would be perfect to at least refresh my memory on some basic skills. The video itself is only about 6 minutes long and by the end of it I was well on my way to creating a small dish cloth.

Of course Minx decided she wanted to either eat the yarn or keep my feet warm while I worked so I told her she could keep my feet warm. All the other cats are just chillin' sleeping while I YouTubed my way to the beginning of my first crochet project. Boo-ya! I can tell it won't be perfect and I am pretty sure I have screwed it up already but hey things like this take practice right? :-P

Just wanted to share one of the family pics we took this month.

Ok time to get wrapping things up and get to bed. I'm still trying to work out this whole sleep/have time for me balance. Decisions decisions... To sleep or crochet... HA HA HA. Good times but be sure to bookmark my blog because I already have found some projects I want to try after I master some more basic skills. It's going to be an epic 2012.


  1. That's awesome that you are crocheting! I want to learn someday! Maybe we can do some knitting and crocheting when you move back! :)

    1. I would love to crochet with you when I'm back in town. It would be fun. I find it easy enough to do so you could still hold a conversation with someone while working on a project. I just posted what I made tonight on another post so you'll have to check it out. YAY!


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