Hooked on Crochet

Back to back blogs are you kidding! I must be crazy to stay up late and post for a second day in a row. Actually I am just really excited about what I've accomplished in the last 24 hours. First because my husband is awesome I got to craft with my friend Pam today. I worked on a cross stitch project I've been working on for quite some time which was wonderful. Also it's nice to talk to someone who actually talks back to you. HA HA HA. (Russell's not too good at answering back when I talk to him... HE HE HE...) I had a lot of fun and it was good to do something a little different for a change.

Another accomplishment, I went back to YouTube and learned how to do a couple more basic crochet skills.

First crocheting in a circle.

Then the magic circle. The idea for this is that if you make something like a beanie you won't have a big hole in the top of it if you just used the regular circle method. Very cool.

I happened to see a suggested video that showed me how to make what looked like a cute headband so I decided to check it out. Turns out it was a beginner project that only took a few basic stitches to complete so I went nuts and cranked one out. I don't have a cute button like the one shown in the video but buttons are only a quick trip to the store away...

I know... I made the headband in black which obviously blends in with my hair color... I only have black and white yarn and the headband is supposed to be made with a thicker fluffier yarn but I had to make due and I think it turned out cool anyway. And yes I am hiding behind my phone in the mirror. Come on! It's past my bed time and I already took off all my makeup. HA HA HA!!!

Ok now I seriously need to go to bed but I wanted to put together this quick post to share my accomplishment for the day. Good stuff!

P.S. Sorry the pics stink. It's late so it's dark where I'm sitting and  I don't have much time to mess with anything because I should be sleeping right now.


  1. The headband is AWESOME!!! Look so great! Can't wait to see what else you make!

    1. Thanks! It has been so fun crafting things. I can't wait to find some new patterns and make some new things. WOO!


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