My Life Inspired by Pinterest - 3-2-1 Cake

I am really tired today so I should be going to bed to maximize my time to sleep while Russell sleeps but I had to share this yummy delight I discovered a few days ago. I have already shared it with my Mom who is an amazing cook and she has already passed on the goodness to two of her friends. (If she's passing it on then I know it's good!) Ah the delish goodness is spreading. Let them eat cake!!!

While browsing about on Pinterest I saw this simple sounding recipe for individual servings of cake. I love me some cake but with only two people eating solid foods in our family there is little reason to bake a whole cake. I mean really, when one box of cake mix can make a 9x13 pan worth of cake should I risk eating half a cake or maybe more? I think not. Especially now...

So innocent looking my sweet little chocolate cake.

It's just so easy... 3 Tbsp of the cake mix (I followed the suggestion of Angel Food and Devil's Food), 2 Tbsp of water and 1 minute in the microwave and BAM you have cake! (Follow this link for the whole recipe.) Now think about it... This is not your normal rich and decadent Devil's Food cake. You're not adding any oil or eggs or anything else to the mix but water so don't go in expecting Devil's Food or you'll be seriously disappointed. However if you go in expecting a lovely light spongy chocolate cup of goodness then you will be pleased. If you cook this delight up and find it's just not quite enough chocolate to fix your sweet tooth just double the recipe in either an extra large sized mug (it will NOT work in a regular sized mug, I tried and failed... Save yourself the mess!) or a microwave safe bowl and cook for a minute and a half and you'll have plenty of chocolate goodness to go around.

I turned this one out onto a plate. It's hard to see but there are some yummy molten chocolate chips in there. :)

I have found if you're looking for something a little richer just add in some chocolate chips (I prefer the semi-sweet and 1 Tbsp will do if you're doubling the recipe, less if you're making the original amount) and you'll end up with something similar to a molten cake. YUM! You could also dress it up with some whipped cream or even some vanilla ice cream. I have a feeling it would be equally tasty with other delights added in like chopped nuts, maybe some toasted coconut, or even some rich caramel sauce. I say make it your own!

MMM some vanilla ice cream? Yes I think I will.

So if you're looking for something simple and sweet make some tonight. It's so easy and because you can keep the mix in an air tight container you can easily have some yummy cake tomorrow too. Enjoy!


  1. Looks delish! I have to squeeze into a bride's maids dress in a week and a half so I'll hold off for now. But, atfer the wedding, it's on. As are some girl scout cookies. Yes.

    1. Yes! After the wedding reward yourself with some yummy cake. It's so easy! MMM and girl scout cookies. YUM! I hope the wedding is wonderful.


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