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My Life Inspired by Pinterest - 3-2-1 Cake

I am really tired today so I should be going to bed to maximize my time to sleep while Russell sleeps but I had to share this yummy delight I discovered a few days ago. I have already shared it with my Mom who is an amazing cook and she has already passed on the goodness to two of her friends. (If she's passing it on then I know it's good!) Ah the delish goodness is spreading. Let them eat cake!!!

While browsing about on Pinterest I saw this simple sounding recipe for individual servings of cake. I love me some cake but with only two people eating solid foods in our family there is little reason to bake a whole cake. I mean really, when one box of cake mix can make a 9x13 pan worth of cake should I risk eating half a cake or maybe more? I think not. Especially now...

It's just so easy... 3 Tbsp of the cake mix (I followed the suggestion of Angel Food and Devil's Food), 2 Tbsp of water and 1 minute in the microwave and BAM you have cake! (Follow this link for the whole …

Headband Take Two

So I'm seriously on a roll. Russell is was napping and I am sneaking in some time to share what I created. I did a variation on the headband in this post. And created this one...

Yeah I'm hiding behind the camera again. WA HA HA.

I made it a little bigger because I think I was just on a roll and forgot to stop but it still worked out ok. I am excited to get some buttons to decorate my headbands. I think they will be really cute. Also I am coming up with ideas of how I could possibly add some jewels or other embellishments to them. I'm definitely hooked on crochet!

It's so hard to see the detail on the black one. Sorry. I need to learn to take better pictures and edit them better for my blog but for now I am lucky to have any time to post anything so sorry it's poor quality. Perhaps one day I'll learn to present a better blog post. :) Who wants to teach me? HA HA HA!

Hooked on Crochet

Back to back blogs are you kidding! I must be crazy to stay up late and post for a second day in a row. Actually I am just really excited about what I've accomplished in the last 24 hours. First because my husband is awesome I got to craft with my friend Pam today. I worked on a cross stitch project I've been working on for quite some time which was wonderful. Also it's nice to talk to someone who actually talks back to you. HA HA HA. (Russell's not too good at answering back when I talk to him... HE HE HE...) I had a lot of fun and it was good to do something a little different for a change.

Another accomplishment, I went back to YouTube and learned how to do a couple more basic crochet skills.

First crocheting in a circle.

Then the magic circle. The idea for this is that if you make something like a beanie you won't have a big hole in the top of it if you just used the regular circle method. Very cool.

I happened to see a suggested video that showed me how to mak…

Learning to Crochet

Ah I am excited for all the new things 2012 will bring. Obviously it will be a learning experience as Russell grows but Joe and I still have goals for ourselves for the year. We created our goal poster even though it didn't get done until this month and one of my goals for February was to learn to crochet. There are just so many cute things I have seen lately that I want to create so I figured why not learn how to create all this lovely cuteness. Plus I feel working on a crochet project is something I can do most any where very easily.

I actually learned to crochet before but I don't know that I actually made anything at the time. I can't even remember who taught me how to crochet so this time I went online and with the power of YouTube found THIS video. It said it was for the absolute beginner so I figured it would be perfect to at least refresh my memory on some basic skills. The video itself is only about 6 minutes long and by the end of it I was well on my way to creat…

My Life Inspired by Pinterest - Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups

Ok so I swear I'm still out here but it's quite an adjustment being a mom so at some point I'll figure out how to squeeze in some blogging with everything else that goes on during the day. HA HA HA. But today I wanted to sneak in a quick post about something I'm trying out. It's my life inspired by Pinterest. If you haven't found Pinterest yet you are missing out. It's a site where you can basically bookmark things that interest you in a very visual way. I love it because I can find new recipes and crafts to try as well as some ideas for fashion, home style and more. If you're on Pinterest follow me so I can follow you back!

One of the first things I have tried since finding Pinterest were these delish Bird's Nest Breakfast Cups. I saved them on my Nom Nom board where I stash all things yummy looking and food related. Now remember this is my life INSPIRED by Pinterest. I have never been one to follow a recipe 100% plus I tend to use recipes for insp…