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2012 has already started with a life changing event. My Grandpa on my Mom's side passed away. He actually got sick at the end of 2011 but came home for New Years day which happens to be his birthday. He was able to celebrate at home with his family but sadly went back into the hospital and wasn't able to recover. When his time came he was surrounded by his family and my Mom was even able to be there on the phone. Just thinking about it still chokes me up and makes me sad that I hadn't made it out to see him more often in the past few years. I am very grateful that we ended up choosing the cruise around Hawaii for our honeymoon because we were able to visit and Joe was able to meet my grandparents at least once.

My Grandpa was a very talented man. He made these awesome canoes out of Koa wood scraps. (I recall my Mom telling me it's illegal to cut down a Koa tree but there are ways you can get scraps of the wood and that's what he used.)

This is the canoe he gave to …

Epic Win - Starbucks

So Joe and I went out to run some errands the other day and I decided to splurge and use the Starbucks gift card I won from Tiffany. This is what I got:

Sorry the pictures are pretty poor. They were taken on my cell phone sitting in the back seat of the car next to little Russell. Joe and I shared a cranberry orange scone and I got an awesome green tea frappuccino. YUM. Joe got his favorite coffee and overall it was a yummy way to enjoy the gift card. It was simply fabulous! Thanks Tiffany for the fabulous giveaway.

We have a winner!

So sorry for the delay in drawing the winner of my epic win pay it forward drawing. Sometimes I think I'll have time to do something and then Russell decides he has needs that need to be addressed. HA HA HA. Either way I finally got Russell down for a nap this morning and this was first on my list of things to do.

And our winner of the fabulous de-stress Mary Kay Red Tea & Fig gift set is...

She said her favorite way to de-stress is a bubble bath and that sounds absolutely fabulous! You can check out more of her style and life at her blog ooh! piece of candy!.

I am so excited to read everyone's favorite ways to de-stress. I'll definitely be taking some of those favorites and using them to de-stress myself. Be sure to follow my blog so you can enter future giveaways through the year. If you have a blog leave it in the comments section and I'll follow you back. I'm always looking for new great sites to follow for fun and inspiration.

So congrats to Kim for winn…

Epic Win and a Giveaway!

Last Saturday I left a comment on my dear friend Tiffany's blog for a chance to win a $10 Starbucks card. I don't usually win at things like this but it was my lucky day and I won! The question Tiffany wanted us to comment on was what is your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself. This was my answer:
I love to craft. I hope that as Russell gets older and can occupy himself for longer stretches of time I can work on the many projects I want to do. :-) I am very excited I won and now I can get a yummy Starbucks treat. MMM!!! Thanks Tiffany for sending that over! It's fabulous and I'm glad I won!

Now it's my turn. I am doing a giveaway to pay it forward! Comment here on my blog (or if you read this through FB you can leave a comment there) and let me know what is your favorite thing to do to de-stress?

Work out...
Do something creative...
Cook... Clean... Blast the music...

Let me know and you could win...

Your very own de-stress Mary Kay Red Tea &…

5 Months of Fun

Just the other day we hit Russell's 5th month after he was born. I have wanted to sit down and write about what I've felt and how he's changed our lives for a while but it's amazing what sleep deprivation will do to your motivation. Sometimes it was eat, sleep, poop and nothing more. Today though I wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts and a video.

The video was from the other night. I was getting Russell ready for bed which is why he's in a little sleep sack. We have found that a pair of pj's and a sleep sack are just enough to keep him warm through the night. We used to put these little mitten things on him at night to keep him from scratching his face but as of late he has been pulling them off one hand so we gave up all together. Luckily for him he doesn't seem to be scratching himself anymore so all is well in sleepyland.

I can say through these past 5 months it's been a lot of learning and adapting. Never did I realize just how much my life…