Will feed friends...

30 year old stay at home mom of one almost 4 month old son seeks other moms (or couples) to share our adventures in parenting. Would enjoy meeting other first time moms, moms with similar birth experiences or moms who started their parenting journey in their 30's or later. Other mom's (or couples) should be drama free, kind, compassionate and easy going. Not afraid to be honest and open in sharing parenting ups and downs without judgement. Open to volunteering to set a good example for our kids and to help others in need.

Ideally would enjoy someone interested in crafting (scrapbooking, card making, cross stitch, sewing, etc.), gardening, cooking and learning new things. (If you're a couple my husband also enjoys football, baseball, poker and camping/hunting.) Prefer those with values (honesty, sharing, positive attitude, hard working, integrity, open minded, etc.). Must enjoy walks with baby, healthy eating/lifestyle and fun girl time/couple time. No drama queens, flakes or fakes need apply. (I like to make plans but completely understand the need to cancel if you're overwhelmed or if you or your kid(s) are sick. Please don't share germs.)

I promise to share baked goods, tasty treats and homemade meals with new friends. I will email/text/call you back within a reasonable amount of time (I understand we can't all answer right away with a new baby/kids in the house). I will not judge your parenting style if you don't judge mine. If our parenting styles don't mesh we can make a clean break without the drama of ignoring each other and hoping the other will just go away. I will follow your house rules and expect my child to do the same when we are at your home if you do the same for me. We can be email buddies, text pals or actually meet in person for play dates with our kids or a good girls night out/date night. We can visit the children's museum, the park, take a class together or just chill at home. We have cats so if you or your child is allergic please consider before replying. 

I think that's about what my ad would be if I created a personal ad to find some mom friends. I have tons of mom friends from high school but sadly they are mostly back in Utah where I went to high school. I moved to Las Vegas back in 2005 so I have few ties to this community other than the few friends I have met at work and my husband's family. Most of those friends are either unmarried/no kids or their kids are my age now. I don't attend church, go to school (yet), or work right now so I don't have many opportunities to meet other mom's or really make friends. I also am not the type to just hit the park and talk up other moms or sign up for a class. I can be quite outgoing and social but lately I am more of a homebody. Plus parenting our first child is tiring and is an adjustment so I'm not always interested in packing all the stuff for the baby and going out. Sometimes I'd rather just stay at home and sleep or lounge in my sweats all day. HA!

Keys, sunglasses, pacifier, blanket... Even Russell is like 'do we really need all this stuff mom?'.

I have decided there needs to be something like eHarmony or Match for mom's. I did find True Blue Match where you can somewhat create a profile and meet other mom's and dad's in your area. It seems pretty new though so who knows how that kind of thing would pan out. I have also heard of Mommy and Me as an option to find playgroups and activities so I'll have to check that out. Of course there's also Meetup where you can find groups of people doing stuff. I might check that out too. I know these are probably good options and some days I really wish I had more mom friends and other days I'm content just being at home alone. Perhaps that's why I've resisted going out and meeting other mom's. I don't want to make friends then end up just sitting around at home disappointing them. *Sigh... (Has anyone out there used Meetup and had success? Even using it for something other than meeting moms.)

Ready to rock and roll!
I think the reason I really need to make other friends is because I LOVE making treats and baking yummy goodies and if I keep eating everything I bake myself then I will end up weighing a ton and looking like I'm prego again. HA HA HA. Seriously I just need friends to share the calories with. :P So if you're a mom, enjoy crafting and want to be friends I'll share food with you. HE HE HE...

Homemade pizza!


  1. I love this post! It is exactly how I feel. I'm always wishing that we had another couple to hang out with. I think about when we have kids and how it would be so fun to have another mom to do stuff with. We need to live closer!! It would be so fun to do some baking while the kids played or cook dinner for our guys or something. Sigh!

  2. Heather, this is such a great post! I know if I were a mom I would love to meet up with you! I am just starting to get on meet up a little more and might try to join some people on a hike or snow shoe soon. I will let you know how it goes!
    Keep us posted on your findings!

  3. Kim I totally wish we lived closer so we could hang out more. I miss all my UT peeps for sure. It's like I don't want to go out and make new friends because I know I have friends they're just not here. BOO. I would love to be able to bake with you or do other fun stuff while the kids play and all that. *Sniff. I need to move closer. HA HA HA.

    Tiffany if you try metup let me know. I have heard they have groups for pretty much everything so perhaps I just need to look a little more and see what's available.


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