Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I know I haven't posted in a while. Adjusting to motherhood has definitely been a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs. I have learned so much and know there is so much more to learn in the future. But all that aside I wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. I write mostly for myself but I always hope that someone out there is reading and enjoying the time they spend here with me.

I hope that your Christmas is full of fun, family and friends while remembering the true reason for the season. I hope that the New Year brings new opportunities, more joy in your life and many more memories made of a wonderful life.

Take care of yourself, tell the ones you love how much they mean to you and never take a moment for granted. Life is too short to be anything but awesome. There will always be bad days, hard times and trials but hopefully the better days, good times and wins will outnumber the negative.

So, Merry Christmas and best to everyone in the New Year!


  1. sooooooo adorable!!!! and he is getting so big ; ) I hope you have a very happy holidays and enjoy this time with your new little one and his first christmas! <3 love ya girly!

  2. Love the post!!
    Happy Holidays! :) Thinking of you guys!
    Love the Christmas card!
    Thank you!!!

  3. Thanks Jenn. He is definitely getting so big. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too. Hugs! Love ya tons!!!

    TIffany I'm always thinking of you over here too. I hope your hand is continuing to make progress. Glad the card made it to you. HUGS!!!

  4. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Great family picture. Have enjoyed reading the blog, will try the recepie on the rolls soon and would love to make the pizza. Merry Christmas Aunty Karen


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