Baby Mac Update

Little Russell has had a busy week. He has an appointment with his neurologist next week so this week he had to have some blood work done. I can say it was totally just so sad. We went to one place to get his blood drawn and they hardly were able to get enough blood for one of the three tests the doctor needed to run. They poked both of his arms and he cried the whole time. As sad as that was we still had to get blood drawn for the other two tests so we went back today to get his blood drawn. This time we went to a different location that handles more pediatric patents and it went a lot better. He still cried and was not a happy camper but the ladies that drew his blood did a good job and got the blood they needed to run the tests. Russell will be getting an EEG to follow up on his seizures so hopefully things will be ok for him.

Russell with his gauze on after his blood draw.

This week Russell also saw his speech therapist who said he is still doing well. She wants to repeat the swallow study so we can see if he's making any improvements on swallowing thin liquids. Russell also saw his case worker for the Nevada Early Intervention program. Her job is to make sure he's receiving the help he needs to keep developing. She liked all the development he was already showing so we'll keep working with him on different exercises so he'll keep growing. Hooray!

Russell loves his Boppy.

I am very thankful that he has such a great team of doctors and professionals working to help give him the best chance at growing and developing. We have had the privilege to work with such kind and wonderful people through the pregnancy, his birth and now through his first months home with us. Our little man is doing so well and we are very hopeful that he'll develop like any other kid who had a normal birth experience. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard and blessed our lives forever. I will never forget the people who have helped little Russell. We are so blessed.


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