Baby Mac Update - Russell Brains

MMM Russell Brains... *Cue zombie walk... HA HA HA. Ok so we're not eating Russell brains but Russell did have his brains checked out today. We went to Dr. Raja, his neurologist, to have an EEG and follow up on his blood work. The EEG was quite an ordeal but Russell at first but he finally fell asleep so they were able to get the readings they needed. Dr. Raja said his EEG looked totally normal which was great to hear. Also his blood work showed that there wasn't much of the Phenobarbital in his system so it likely wasn't playing any part in preventing seizures for him so he recommended we discontinue that medication. Hooray! One less medication for Russell and it was the one medication I was concerned with keeping him on long term. Of course my hope is he can be off both medications but only time will tell. For now we were very pleased with his appointment today.

Waiting for his EEG with his super cute bear hat on. :) So glad it's cooler so he can wear his cute hats!

Today was also full of other fun things for Russell. Today Russell hit 3 months old. We are so happy to see he's doing so well and is still healthy. Dr. Raja was also pleased with his progress physically. He always checks to see that his reflexes are correct for his age and they all looked good today. He was also pleased to see that the tightness in his legs/hips was much improved. Since our first appointment I have been working with Russell every day to stretch his legs and it looks like it's paid off. Russell seems to enjoy our stretching anyway so it's easy to keep doing. We need to work on the tightness in his arms/shoulders and hands but it will be easy since Russell already likes our little "workouts".

Russell's started to hold on to things like his little puppy. :)

Little Russell also enjoyed a bath today. We had to wash him up because he had all the EEG goo on his head and it was rather sticky. Joe and I started out just trying to wash his head but he wasn't happy about that so we put him in his tub and Joe managed to scrub all the goo off with a little sponge brush thing his mom gave us. It worked great and his head is super soft and clean now. Since it took a while we didn't want him to get too cold so we put a nice big towel on him and kept it covered in warm water. Little Russell was definitely relaxed at that point and was enjoying his bath once again.

Wrapped up and enjoying his bath.

Russell and I managed our first walk around the neighborhood today. I've wanted to start walking with him for a while but I have always been worried if he'd like it or not, if he'd just cry the whole time or what other things could go poorly. I'm finally feeling a little more confident so out we went today. I fed him and popped him in his car seat which attaches to his stroller. He quickly fell asleep and I enjoyed a nice long walk. I walked very quickly and pushing the stroller definitely gave me more of a workout which was great. I am very invested in getting my health in order because I know I have to take care of myself so I can take care of Russell. I am working on eating better and exercising. So far I've been exercising every day doing weights and stretching, usually with Russell. He watches me do weights and then we both work on our stretches together. Now that I know he can enjoy a nice walk we'll be doing that much more often so I can get some cardio in.

So today I am very thankful for all the people who have and are praying for Russell. He's such a sweet boy and brings so much joy to our family. We thank God every day that he has come this far and we feel so much love from our friends and family who have supported us. We are very blessed to be surrounded by such great people.


  1. I'm glad the scans went well and that they are taking him off the one medication! That is a great step in the right direction!!! That makes me so happy!
    He is adorable! I love the updates! :)
    Thinking of you always!

  2. Thanks Tiffany! Yes we feel like things are definitely going in the right direction. We feel very blessed that he's doing so well. I hope we get to see you when we're in town so you can meet our little man in person. :)


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