Attitude of Gratitude - Is there a doctor in the house?

In yesterdays post I mentioned a quick thanks to the doctors and other professionals that I have been blessed to work with through Russell's birth. Today I wanted to be a little more specific as this was a time of serious change, fear, excitement and so many other emotions that a tiny mention I felt was not enough.

The first team I want to mention includes my OB/GYN, Dr. Hartman. I actually have been seeing him since I moved to town back in 2005. I have always liked his office because the nurses there are always so nice. Some of them have been there as long as I can remember which definitely says something about a place. I have always been comfortable going to Dr. Hartman (well as comfortable as you can be considering... Ha!) which was important to me. We also found that other professionals think he's a good Dr. too. Our nurse that taught the childbirth class said he was one of the few doctors she would trust to do a forceps delivery with her grandchildren. That was a good boost of confidence considering at that point I was still planning on a natural child birth. I was also happy to learn that he lives practically across the street from the hospital where I would be delivering so I knew he could get there fast if things took a turn. I felt that he did a great job at my delivery and my scar has healed very well which surprised me since I typically take a really long time to heal. I was also happy that either him or the other doctor in his practice came to visit me and check on me after the birth. The nurses there have also been awesome with any questions I have had before and after I had Russell. I would definitely recommend them to anyone here in Vegas.

Future cheesehead in the making!

My next thanks goes out to Dr. Anter who was the anesthesiologist at my delivery. From what I heard from my sister in law (who happens to cut his hair) he happened to be sleeping at the hospital that night since he had a surgery the next morning. I was so grateful that he was already there and that he was able to work quickly to give me a spinal so that I could be awake for Russell's birth. Yes I didn't see him much at that point but at least I did get to see him and experience all that was going on. That meant the world to me. I was so terrified and he kept reassuring me and checking on how I was doing which helped me to calm down. I also found it funny that I could hear him singing to whatever music was playing in the room. It made me laugh. Anyway, I am so glad he was able to do what he does so well and so quickly. I can't imagine what would have happened if he hadn't been there or had taken any longer than he did.

Ready to roll down and get this labor thing going.

I am very grateful to the nurses Brooke and Carol who were my labor and delivery nurses. When Russell's heartbeat wasn't registering well on the monitors they came in to try and brake my water and hook up an internal fetal monitor. When that wasn't working they quickly called the charge nurse who tried too. They quickly made the decision to call Dr. Hartman and I was wheeled away for surgery. I am so glad they didn't hesitate or continue to keep trying when it wasn't working. Little Russell was already deprived of oxygen when he was born and every second meant the difference between the sweet and wonderful baby he is today and a totally different outcome.

My nurses hooked me up! To all the monitors that is...

From all my experiences in the hospital I have so much gratitude and respect for the nurses that cared for me. All the ladies out there who have given birth know what it's like to have to be cared for after giving birth. It's not the funnest thing and definitely painful. I was so lucky to have great nurses who made me feel comfortable and cared for. It made so much of a difference to have nurses who were friendly and compassionate. It's what has made me decide I want to go back to school to finish my degree in nursing. I've always loved medicine (I actually started college to be a Radiologist) so it seems like a great opportunity for me to do something I like that I can also make a difference in peoples lives.

After Russell's birth complete with flowers, Hello Kitty and hospital food.

One particular nurse I am really grateful for is Tom. He was one of Russell's nurses during the night shift when Russell first came over to Summerlin Hospital. He was always so nice to us making sure we knew everything that was going on with Russell. He was also very concerned about us as his parents too. I was having issues with my blood pressure (though I didn't know how bad yet) and he was willing to get a bp cuff to test my bp and wheeled me downstairs to the car when he saw my bp was elevated. He made sure to tell me that I needed to take care of myself so I could take care of Russell. I was so impressed that he somehow knew I was in the hospital when I was admitted for my bp issues. I had barely gotten upstairs out of the ER and there he was checking in on us and asking me how I was doing. He even had Russell's neurologist, Dr. Raja, come to see us after visiting Russell so we could ask questions and get an update on what was going on. To me that was so above and beyond what he had to do that I know he is a person I will never forget. On top of all of that when I was in the hospital and could get wheeled over to see Russell he wrapped up Russell and I was finally able to hold him for the first time. I think he's just that nice and thoughtful all the time but to me it made so much of a difference.

First time holding Russel. The best thing ever!

Many of Russell's other nurses were wonderful too. D'Marsha was one of his nurses during the day time that was there with him from the very beginning helping to get him transferred to Summerlin. Joe saw her more than I did but he told me that she was very nice and that she would skip breaks and delay her lunch while he was getting tests run and needing the extra care in the beginning. She even worked quite a few days straight to be there with him which was so wonderful. Since I wasn't able to be there with Russell until I was released from Spring Valley it was a blessing to know that the people taking care of Russell were so nice. So many of his nurses were friendly and made me very comfortable since we couldn't be there 24-7 with him.

First family photo in his room in the NICU.

I also love Russell's therapists. He saw Mary Beth and Ariel in the NICU and now sees Tracy since he's out of the hospital. They are all so friendly and have taught us so many great things that we can do with Russell to help his development. I love doing my "workout" with Russell which includes various stretches for him and tummy time.

First bath with Mom and Dad. Ariel was there to help us and give us tips.
 There were also many other doctors that we worked with while Russell was in the NICU. They were totally awesome and so friendly. They never made you feel rushed, answered every question you could think of and always let us know what was going on with Russell and his treatments. Some of the best doctors and nurses I've worked with were there in the NICU.

I love this picture. Tiny little bundle of Russell with his daddy.

I mentioned Dr. Raja, his neurologist, and he is another wonderful doctor. When I first met him while I was hospitalized for the bp he was so kind and didn't make us feel stupid. I never felt like he was rushing us or that he was bothered to be there. He explained everything that was going on and answered any questions we had. Nothing was too basic or stupid. He has continued to be great when we have brought Russell to see him in his office.

Daddy loves our little man.

Finally we have a great pediatrician too. Dr. Nishihara is most concerned with Russell's well being. He is always very careful with cleanliness and responds very quickly to any inquiries we have had. He has even called us after office hours on his own time to answer questions or return a phone call. His nurses are very nice too and we feel very comfortable working with him.

Little man looking as good as ever.

Wow that's a lot of folks but truly they have all played a huge part in getting Russell where he is now. I am so grateful that he is home and that he had such wonderful care. Though this whole experience was nothing like we ever imagined I wouldn't trade it for anything. I appreciate Russell so much more because of all we have gone through. I will always have a special place in my heart for all these people. They have made such a difference to me and I will always be grateful for everything they have done.


  1. I'm so glad you had such good people working with you!

  2. Yes, we have had some amazing people working with Russell. He's a lucky little man. :)


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