Attitude of Gratitude - Fabulous Friends

So today I wanted to continue taking note of the things I am grateful for.

My favorite little man and his daddy. I'm always grateful for them both.

One thing that came to mind was Facebook. Yes I know... Facebook... Social media in general. It can be good and it can consume your whole life. I prefer to use it as a medium to stay in touch with friends, stay up to date on things that are going on and share things I find interesting.

There are definitely some days I feel I should peace out of Facebook and do all the other hundred things I need to do each day but then again Facebook hasn't been all that bad. I am very grateful that through Facebook I have gotten back in touch with people I knew back in elementary school. I am very sure I would never have had contact with these folks if I were just going about my daily life. It's neat to be able to see what my old friends are up to and how their lives have changed.

Another perk of Facebook is I have been able to learn more about peoples personality and passions. I want to share another great way you can participate in expressing gratitude this month. For those who are more artistically inclined you will definitely want to check out A Life in Bloom and take part in the November Photography Challenge. It's a great way to acknowledge the great things in your life by snapping a quick picture and sharing it.

I definitely know some truly talented and fun people. Facebook is also a simple way to share in peoples challenges and triumphs. When Russell and I were in the hospital I found out just how quickly you can have dozens and maybe hundreds of people coming together in support of what is going on in your life. I am so grateful for the prayers and positive thoughts of so many people who cared enough to take a moment to think of us in one of the scariest times in our life.

So, for right now I will not be leaving Facebook. Plus it gives me something to do when I'm rocking Russell to sleep or holding him up after he eats. Speaking of which Russell just ate again so it's time for me to go to bed if I want to get any sleep tonight. Good night friends!


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