So Blessed

Happy Halloween weekend to everyone. I hope you've got some fun things planned. It's exciting going into the holidays because it will be our first holiday season with a baby. We're looking forward to carving pumpkins with little Russell this weekend. We're not planning anything too crazy for him since he's still so young but we did get a really cute first Halloween outfit for him to wear. Little Russell has a lot of Halloween outfits and they're all so cute.

Russell's outfit with the vampire bats and "boo" all over it.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about how lucky we are. Russell is home with us and for the most part he's a happy and healthy boy. I have read a few stories lately of other families who are going through some seriously heartbreaking situations. Sick kids, injuries or even the truly tragic death of a loved one. I have also been watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the episodes I've been catching were featuring a different family that is considered a community hero. It's terrible to see families who give so much of themselves to help others having to live in such terrible conditions. My thoughts through all the tragedy and heartbreak have been how little things can do so much for others and that one persons tragedy can be another persons miracle.

First thought... One of the Extreme Makeover episodes was about a girl who was dealing with a blood disorder that required her to receive blood transfusions just to stay alive. She relies on donated blood but even with her health issues she spends her time helping other sick kids and raising awareness of the need for donated blood. I've donated blood before and have though about doing it again but seeing how something so simple can make such a huge difference in another persons life. Literally one donation of blood could be the difference between life and death for someone especially if you have a rare blood type. I've looked into giving blood and found I'm far out enough postpartum that I should be able to donate. It doesn't take long to donate (though it can take longer depending on what blood product you donate) and you only have to donate every few months for the most part. How simple and yet life changing. I also found it interesting to know that blood is needed every two seconds and 1 out of 7 people entering the hospital will need blood*. At one point when Russell was in the NICU they did talk about the possibility of him needing a transfusion because they were doing so many blood draws on him. He didn't end up needing one but it was a possibility for us. Also since I had an emergency c-section I'm sure a transfusion could have been a possibility for me if something had gone wrong. Needless to say I'll be looking to go donate blood soon because I know that for someone out there it will make a difference.

Second thought... One persons tragedy can be another persons miracle. To us little Russell is a miracle. So many people prayed for Russell and sent positive thoughts our way while he was in the hospital. We are so blessed that he was able to come home with us but other people aren't so lucky. A friend of mine recently shared a link to an article about her cousins family who's child is sick and needs a transplant to have any hope to survive. Because the child is only 9 months old the doctors have determined it will require an small liver from another young child. I can't imagine being in a situation knowing that your child will only survive if someone else's child dies. It made me realize that even when bad things happen something good can come out of it. People throughout  history have come from bad situations and turned their lives around to the betterment of others. It's another simple thing you can do by being an organ donor that can change the life of someone else. I've never really thought much either way about organ donation though I've had it on my license that I'm an organ donor for a while. At this point I hope I don't die for quite some time but should it be my time to go I definitely want to know that I could help as many people as possible by being an organ donor. I figure I live a pretty healthy lifestyle so hopefully my organs could go to help as many people as possible.

Anyway, this has been a rather heavy post but I keep getting reminders in my life about volunteering and helping others. If you have followed my blog for any time you know I have always wanted to do things that help other people. My mom has been the best example to me about helping others and having compassion. She has always been the person who would bring you dinner if you were sick, watch your house while you were on vacation and help in any way she could. I have known for a long time that any career I have would need to help others in order for me to enjoy it and stick with it for any length of time. I figure these signs to get out and volunteer and help others must mean I need to get on it and do something. It's one thing to talk about doing good and another to actually get out there and do it.

My awesome mom and I when I went to UT for my bff's wedding.

So... The point of all of this is an invitation. I invite everyone to get out there and do something for someone else. Not only will it feel good to know you're doing something for someone else in need but the universe has a way of bringing things back to you. When you do good things, you'll get good things back. Considering next month includes Thanksgiving what a perfect time to go out and give thanks for what you have by doing something for those who have less. Donate blood, visit a nursing home, volunteer in your community/church/school or find some other way to give back. There are so many ways to volunteer that there is something for everyone. I invite you to do one thing in November to give back to your community. Can you imagine the power of one when each of us stands up and does something for others. The ripple effect would reach so far and would be so wonderful to experience.

Leave a comment and let me know what you are planning to do in November. If you don't know what to do yet check back because I'll write a post about the different ways to give back. I have worked in volunteer management for a few years and would love to share what I have learned in the process. Also if you have a favorite charity or something you love to do share it so others can be inspired and join your cause. So, lets get into giving and make November a month to be thankful for everything good in our lives.


  1. I love challenges!! I'll have to think about this one and decide the best way for me to give back.

  2. Yay I love a good challenge too. I'm looking into what options would work out with Joe's schedule and Russell. I know I can at least attempt to go give blood so that's on my list for sure. I hope a lot of people go out and do something good. :)


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