Best for Baby - Tub Time Favorites

Welcome to part two in my Best for Baby series. As Russell grows I'll be writing about the things I find that are the best for him. They will either help streamline a process, be a great product overall or enrich his life. Of course I want to hear what you think are great products or what your best parenting tips have been.

Aquarium Bath Tub

Today I'm sharing Russell's top three tub time favorites. First is his tub. Yes I could bathe him in the sink or the bathtub but I like this little tub we got. My Aunt sent some money to get Russell some stuff and my Mom and I found this one at Walmart. I like it because we can use it with the sling while he's a baby and then you can take the sling out once he grows up and still use it. I like that it dries completely in between baths and even I can fill it and lift it full of water. Plus he's just so cute in it and I like the ocean theme.

Octopus Bath Thermometer

Next Russell needs water that's nice and warm but not too warm. This thermometer not only matches his tub but it works great. It's easy to read which is great too. We learned how the right temp of bath water should feel while he was in the NICU and this thermometer is right on. I was amazed to find out that water that is just right for him doesn't seem all that warm. Then again what I would find nice for a bath would be way too hot for him. Having a thermometer makes it easy so I don't make a mistake.

Finally we got this Bath Luve Frog at our baby shower. We were told it was awesome and that Russell would love it. I don't know if I totally believed it but I must say that Russell loves it! It helps to keep him warm while we're bathing him and it's super cute. To us it looks like the frog is eating Russell which always makes me laugh. It's definitely one of the things we've received that ended up being one of our favorites. Of course you could just use a small towel if you needed to. When we were in the NICU we gave Russell a bath and they totally swaddled him in a blanket when we bathed him. It is supposed to help them feel secure and keep them warm. Of course it's more important for the preemie babies but it was fun to do while we were there.

Ok that's it for our tub time favorites. Russell loves his bath time and he does really well. Plus I love how he smells once he's all clean. The baby wash we've been using smells like lavender. Please share your tips and favorites. Also if you have an idea for the Best for Baby series let me know. I don't claim to know it all about being a mom but I love sharing what I do know and hearing what has worked for others.


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