Best for Baby - First Favorites

Since becoming a mother I have discovered that some things I thought I would have to have I didn't need and other things have become invaluable to daily life. I wanted to share some of the first things I have found to be must have baby items. I would love to hear what you think is a must have. Also if you have any tips on ways to streamline any parts of baby care or things you learned that saved time or helped baby please share.

WubbaNub Red Dog

I was definitely one of those people who thought I just might try to avoid using a pacifier with my baby. You know that delusion that somehow your baby will not need one and that you'll somehow handle keeping him happy without one. HA! Also there was the fear of having to wean him off at some point so you think well I just won't give him one then I won't have to deal with that... Yeah that didn't happen. He was in the hospital and ended up getting one while he was there and since I wouldn't be there to comfort him 24-7 you figure whatever keeps him happy while you're gone will be fine. I did fall in love with a cute pacifier he got while he was in the NICU. Apparently they have them for the pediatric patients but someone brought one for Russell. I love it because it's cute and since it has a stuffed animal attached to it when he spits it out the whole thing doesn't roll away. Very helpful when you're out and about or when you're carrying him. Little Russell loves his puppy and thankfully he only seems to want the pacifier when he needs to suck or is having trouble falling asleep. He doesn't use it all the time so hopefully weaning him off it in the future won't be too painful.

Munchkin BPA Free Formula Dispenser

I had every intention of breastfeeding. Of course there are all the health benefits for baby and the opportunity to bond with him. We only got to breastfeed a few times while he was in the hospital so dealing with bottles and bottles of formula once we got home became exhausting. Luckily Joe and I combined our ideas and came up with a great solution to feeding time. We would prepare his bottles ahead of time with the amount of water he'd need. We then pre-measured the formula and his rice cereal and put it in a formula dispenser. This made it so we could do 3 feedings at a time before having to refill bottles or formula. We actually have 6 bottles and 2 dispensers which means we can have more ready. It's been super helpful during the night time feedings when you're barely coherent and the last thing you want to figure out is measuring water and formula while your baby is crying.

Boppy with Serengeti Slipcover

I used a Boppy in the hospital when Russell was first learning to breastfeed. It was super helpful then so we got one for use at home. We haven't used it for breastfeeding but we do use it during his feedings to give him support. He can also sit/lie in it for support which is good for him to be able to sit in a different position. Apparently the Boppy was initially made as a therapy aid so I'm sure Russell will get more use out of it as he grows up. I do recommend having more than one cover though in case one gets dirty you can have another on hand.

So those are my first favorites for baby. They are Russell tested and approved. Check back for my top three bath time bests for some cute things. If you or someone you know has a great parenting tip or a product you can't live without I'd love to hear about it. Anything that can help streamline my day or enrich Russell's life would be awesome.


  1. We did the same thing to separate our formula and prepare bottles. I wasn't able to breastfeed with either baby, so it was nice to always have the bottles ready, especially since we were both responsible for feeding during the night, kept one bottle and the pre-measured thing in the baby's room at all times!

  2. YES!!! It's all about being prepared. I swear I have anxiety if I don't have at least one bottle and formula ready to go. HA HA HA! You just never know when Russell's going to be hungry and want to eat RIGHT NOW. HA HA HA! :)


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